Thursday, August 23, 2012

{1st and 3rd}

This last week I spent in partial mourning mode
and partial sheer giddiness mode.

I have loved spending time with my ladies this summer.
Loved the laziness of it.
And hearing them play together early
in the mornings.
I loved snuggling late at night
and riding our bikes together.
 I've loved our library visits.
Loved our lazy movie days.
Loved frozen yogurt dates.
Loved late dinners
and them helping me weed.
I have hated hearing them fight each day around 4 though-
and have gotten a little sick of feeding them
1800 times a day.
I wont miss the begging for late nights
and wondering when the last time they showered was...
(judge free zone.)
I wont miss the barbies-
I wont miss the constant complaints
about boredom and bees.
You understand me being a fence sitter about going back to school?

That being said,
I will sure miss my little ladies
every second of every day.
I adore them.
And I wish I could be there to hold their hands
and make sure they are ok 
every second while they are at school.
That part is tough stuff.

 Here's a little first day of
 school re-cap.
Adyson Kindergarten.
Man she was little. And adorable. And sassy.

 First Grader!
Love how big her glasses were on her then.

Second Grade hipster.
 And here she is folks.
3rd Grade!
Holy Moly.

I cannot handle the oldness.
This year she was a little nervous.
She doesn't even have 1 girl in her class this
year that was in her class last year-
and only 1 boy.
She felt like she was going into it alone.
But she makes friends so easily and came home
talking about a bunch of new kids she's met.
And told me that she asked the boy who sat next 
to her if he 
"wants to be her friend?'
And he told her yes
because he
'just moved here and doesn't have any friends yet.'
I was so proud of her and
my heart
the day she stops asking right out
if people wanna be friends.
I adore it. 
I still am crossing my fingers she will
make herself a really great girl buddy soon.
(I should note that I smooched her cheek 
when I dropped her off today and
she gave me the look.) I bet next
year I'm not allowed to walk her in.
It may kill me.
(I'm gonna be one of those parents who 
really need to learn to let go!)
 Now onto Roo.
Here's a re-cap of last year.
Miss Kindergartener.
We do raise them sassy.
We can't help it.
She's growing too quickly.
It hurts.

 Sienna said she was nervous too.
But she says things sometimes just because
she's heard them said, or thinks it's expected of her.
Most things don't really make her nervous.
She held my hand (willingly!) (thankfully!)
But once we got there she marched right in and 
couldn't wait to start coloring with the other kids.
She told me after school she made a new friend
and really wanted to play kickball at recess but
a mean girl wouldn't let her.

I'm crossing my fingers she'll make a bestie too.
And praying she will LOVE 1st grade.
My baby.

I'm Home Alone now.
And my heart ached today.

 I love my ladies.
I just can't imagine loving them more.
And my heart wants them to have
a very good experience this year.


Justin & Ashlee said...

Your girls are so grown up and oh so beautiful! I am so glad Adyson asked the little boy to be her friend and he said yes. Right after we moved here to Valentine we were at the pool and Rylee, like Adyson, went up to TWO different girls and asked if they would play with her....they BOTH said NO! My heart ached for her. So I am so glad your little one is so friendly and made some new friends :) They are both sweethearts!

The Wolfley Family said...

They are seriously so precious!

Eileen said...

The "Back to School" post! My favorite!

Trisha said...

I took some pics of my boys on the sidewalk in honor of you today :) Love you and those girls!

Jill said...

those 2 are so cute I'm sure they will have 10 friends each in no time.

Melissa Hernandez said...

they are too darn cute!!! Our kids are growing up too fast!