Sunday, September 9, 2012

{A little Kidman re-cap}

Well, we've made it through a full week of school.
It's been the craziest, busiest few weeks I can remember,
but it's been FUN!

I'm dumping my camera for the recap.

This is my house almost daily after school.
The ladies and their friends doing homework.
I seriously miss them during the day and cannot wait
to have them home.
It's my favorite part of the day!
 This little lady lost her front tooth.
I ADORE that smile!
 The ladies have spent hours, and hours,
and hourse, chalking their playhouse.
It's totally Punky Brewster.  I love it!
I got me a job.  (Roo took this on my first day).
I'm a bonafide aide for some Kindergarten classes,
which is why this week has been so nuts.
I'm struggling getting used to working and
being mom.
Finding a balance is tough!
Kudos to working moms.
 Me and the ladies were maxi twinners at church the other day.
LOVE these girls of mine!
 BIGGEST and BEST part of the week is that Travis
and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary on Sept. 6th.
We are planning a little celebration trip in another month,
so we didn't do too much to celebrate.
But man-I love him.
More each day.
It's been a very good 10 years!
 We did get some celebratory sushi.
And it was perfection!
(Love the tender mercy of our anniversary falling on an off week for T.
Made for a carefree, feel good night!)
 Another tender mercy is that ICON Lagoon Day also fell
on his off week. 
The ladies love this day and we were really excited to 
enjoy it as a family.

On the way down the girls were practicing holding hands
'in case they get scared' on the rides.
They didn't know I took this shot,
which makes me love how authentically happy they look.
Unless they are fighting...
 They were brave little ladies and had a blast!
 T and I learned that we are getting old
and by ride 4 we felt a little off...and queasy.
 But they wouldn't slow down.
SIDENOTE:They chose to wear their leopard skinnies on the same day.
It made me laugh.
 I mentioned we felt queasy, 
so they chose to go on rides alone.
Including the new 'air race' ride that goes
really fast, around and around and upside down.
We felt like terrible parents...
but they lived.
 And we enjoyed just watching them.
It was a lovely night.
 Made all the better by a quick stop at Nelsons frozen custard on the way home.
It's. just. soooo. good.

Hoping our schedule calms a bit and we can manage it all!


The Fluckiger Family said...

Grateful for the tender mercies you were granted also! If anyone can have a job and be a fabulous mom, it is you.

Ktbug said...

Your family is TOO cute! No seriously! Too cute! Now tell me where you do all your shopping OR I give you my shopping allowance and you go for me ;) Yah- your that cute! :) Glad to see you were able to sneak some fun in this summer! Hope your husband continues to kick cancer's butt. Take Care,
Katie :)

Meg said...

oh girl, I just found your blog!!! I can't tell you how fun it is to see your pics on instagram and now hearing a lil tid bit of the stories behind them. can't wait to read your next post.

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