Friday, January 21, 2011

On my mind.

On my mind today:

Sienna has a friend over, and they are playing
so kindly,
so cleanly, and so quietly.
Adyson is gone to a neighbors and I took a little snooze.
Read a while.
And am thinking how different my life is now,
from a few years ago when I had toddlers.

It's kinda easy.

Easy is nice. I'll keep it.

On my mind today:

How much I want to make these cookies.
My mouth waters just thinking of how tasty the Reeses could be...
(Don't worry, I know I don't have enough restraint to not eat them all...
so I will just forget about it all together.)

On my mind today:

My girls are growing up.
Like heartbreakingly fast.
And then Sienna pops upstairs all clad in a dress-up and make-up.
LOADS of make-up.
And I see Adyson snuggled in her bed at night,
with an armful of stuffed animals,
and I feel like I can breathe again because they

On my mind today:

Why do women compare and compete so often?
I'm guilty of this.
Why do we think we have to
look like someone thinner?
Keep our homes as tidy as our neighbor?
Learn to be as crafty?
Run as far or work as hard?
Why can't we just remember
We are pretty awesome as is.
The rezzie I've set here is
Has anyone mastered this? I'd love some tips.

On my mind today:

How much I look forward to Travis coming home.
I think it's a good sign of how much I adore my man,
that I cannot wait for the weekend to begin.
I'm lucky.
Don't be jealous.

On my mind today:
This post is random, I'm aware.

But what else is a girl to do with all this free time?
(I'm off to shop on ETSY.)


Mortons Love said...

AGREED! Let's love who we are. And not try to be someone we're not!

Hiatts said...

Hayley, I always love your posts so insightfull!

Kylene said...

You make me smile.

Thanks for this great post.

The whole comparing thing often happens when we compare our weaknesses to others strengths. OR, we just don't acknowledge our strengths and think we're always a step behind all the other "amazing" women in the world. Bottom line is: We all have gifts (or strengths) and when we can see them for what they really are and recognize from WHOM those gifts come from, we are far less likely to compare ourselves to others.

Comparing is a huge tool tucked in the tool belt of the adversary and unfortunately, we let him use it way too much.

(p.s. I wish I lived closer so I could have some of those cookies after you make them.) :)

Our Family said...

I love the random posts - they are usually the best kind. Let me know if you figure out how not to compare. Satan at his worst :(

Brittney said...

You are so good Hay. I love to read your thoughts. Wow, that sounds spooky. Rotten Picky Palette. She has the best looking goodies!

Melissa said...

I really love your posts, this one was great! I hope you found something cute on Etsy!