Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet Ruthie & Julie

The newest members of our family.
I know they are just dolls, but the ladies might not agree with that statement.
They are quite happy with Santa's gift.
We dress them in jammies (with bunny slippers even), each night.
We pick out clothes for them every. single. morning. (No matter how late we are running.)
They watch movies with us.
They get books read to them.
And they are a great source of bribery. (I can say things like, "You better clean up your room or I won't let you play with Ruthie/Julie" and darn it, the job gets done!)

For Christmas my MIL made a bunch of doll clothes for their new loves, and even made the dolls a dress that matches the girls Christmas dresses to a T. (Such a talented MIL I have!)

These pictures don't do how darling the outfits matched justice, but trust me, it was cute stuff.
Notice Adyson's bling on her shoulder, yes, Ruthie even had matching bling. Adorable.

Adyson, who was the instigator of asking for the AG dolls for Christmas, has really loved every second of having her. She takes taking care of Ruthie very seriously and is being really responsible. It's very cute. Each morning while I do Adyson's hair, she dresses Ruthie and combs her hair and gives me my babysitting instructions for the day. She's even made a checklist just to make sure I follow her instructions completely. I love this kid of mine. Sienna's dress is a red and black striped skirt, with a sequined cardigan-and Julies matched perfectly. It was cuteness and the ladies loved it.
(Like T taking his after church nap in the background?)

I was worried Sienna wouldn't love the doll as much as her sister, and wouldn't be as responsible. She's actually been really great with her, and adore her completely. The first night they had them, Sienna snuck Julie into her bed. When Travis went to check on her Julie was taking up the center of her bed, snuggling with her blanket. Sienna? She was at the very end of her bed curled up in a little ball-just to make sure she didn't interrupt Julies sleep. It was just too cute. That same night around 12:30 I was out reading on the couch and I heard Sienna in her room whispering. When I listened closely I could hear her say "You Okay Sweetie honey? Are you sleeping okay?"

Yes. I know, she's cute. :)

Here are the dolls in their matching Christmas outfits. Good work Grandma Lorraine! They turned out darling.


Trisha said...

I am smiling so big right now. Your family makes me happy.

Eileen said...

You've left me speechless. Yet again!

Great job on your lesson today. Sorry about snaggin' your shirt. Thanks for the chocolate.

Mortons Love said...

Lucky ladies!

Our Family said...

So sweet! I love the bit about Sienna whispering in the wee hours of the morning--so darn cute :) What darling girls you have and what a talented mother in law!

Jill said...

i love it. and seriously, she should sell those clothes. they are adorable!

Katie Griffiths said...

Um, I might need to hire Grandma Lorraine sometime. Those are so cute. How fun for them...

Melissa said...

sooooo cute, love the matching makes me want to run out and get eva one too....maybe in a couple years, right ;O)

Brittney said...

Could two little girls be any more cute? My goodness! I love it!