Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{Mountain Home & Parent Teacher Conferences}

Last weekend my whole entire family went to see Heather and Jody in the oh-so beautiful city of Mountain Home. (I say that with sarcasm. It's not the prettiest place on the planet). That being said, Heather and Jody's house is gorgeous and now that they've added a barn, you feel just like you are on a farm. The ladies LOVE it and wonder why we don't have a horse. And a barn. And cats. And.....

The first morning we got up and couldn't find the kids. They were already outside saying hello to Midnight and Sugar Legs. Bare feet and all.

Saturday morning we split up and some of us watched Kutter play soccer, while others watched Trayson play some football. They both did fantastic. Here's Ady cheering for Kutter. She did the entire name cheer. (Give me a K, Give me a U....)

It was lovely to just sit in the sun and play, and watch Lucy enjoy grass for the first time.

We shopped the day away and then headed to Outback to celebrate Heather and Kutter's upcoming B-days.

I LOVE this picture. Sienna and Brielle got pretend cell phones while shopping and didn't put them down all day long. It was just too cute.
Early morning cousins.
Oh Lucy. You already love her don't you? She is just so freaking charming. And look at those eyes!
Lots of Daddy time.
And the ladies couldn't wait to ride Sugar Legs.
I was pretty impressed with Miss Ady. She got right up there and was totally comfortable. She told Jody to go faster and let Sugarlegs trot while she was up there. I was kinda proud.
Sienna was a little uncomfortable for some reason, and opted for a quick ride and photo shoot, then she was done.
It was a really lovely weekend full of a really busy day, and a really lazy day. Turkey, conference, lots of food, a few really dumb comments (sleeping in the truck Heather, really?), and lots of cousin love. I dug it.
Oh, and I will brag here for a second. Adyson had her parent teacher conferences today and did really, really great. Her teacher said she is in the top in her reading, and doing wonderfully in all other areas. I'm such a proud mama today! Go Adyson!


Letti said...

Good Job Adyson! I love your new header!

Trisha said...

It is so fun to see pictures of Heather and Jodi! They look as young as they ever did!

The Wolfley Family said...

I am so mad that I missed Ady's cheer! Tell her she has to do it for me next time. You got some great pictures and it made me miss you guys even more!
Ady -- you are so great(and Trisha, I love you too!)

Mortons Love said...

Oh man, how my kids want horses. And why wouldn't one name it Sugar legs? Really.

Brittney said...

So fun! So glad to hear other people out there like them a good animal or two. LOVE your new little blog design and your pictures. Is it really possible for one family to be so darn good-lookin? Apparently so.

Eileen said...

Love the new header. Really much.

What a fun get-a-way. Almost as fun as Florida. I love your posts. Really much.

Chanelle said...

We dream about living in a place like that! And I just love the name Sugarlegs, I think I would like it for myself!!

Eileen said...

I would NEVER delete a comment of yours.
1. I love comments
2. I love your comments
3. I don't know how
I think you're smokin' something. And will you share some with me please?

Tom and Debbie Goodwin said...

Hayley, I absolutely love you and your family and it warms my heart to see you having so much fun together! Thank you for your support and concern - you are the biggest sweetheart ever.

Love you,

Clayton and Heidi said...

Looks like a fun trip.
Never a dull moment with you guys:)