Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 3: Segovia

The name itself is beautiful, don't you think?
And the city lives up to it's beautiful name. I was in complete awe the entire time we were there, and Travis just kept saying "I knew you'd love it here." And he was right, I'm in love with this beautiful city.

The bus dropped us off at the base of the city where you can get a view of the amazing Roman Aqueduct that runs the stretch of the city. Um, researchers have placed the date of construction for the Aqueduct sometime in the second half of the first century, or the first half of the second century.

Holy Moly.

(From Wikepedia)
The aqueduct is built of unmortared, brick-like granite blocks. During the Roman era, each of the three tallest arches displayed a sign in bronze letters, indicating the name of its builder along with the date of construction. Today, two niches are still visible, one on each side of the aqueduct. One of them is known to have held the image of Hercules, who according to legend was founder of the city. The other niche now contains the images of the Virgen de la Fuencisla (the Patroness of Segovia) and Saint Stephen.

After getting a glimpse of the Aqueduct and seeing the base of the city, we started climbing the crooked, narrow, cobblestone streets.

After a little ways you get to a spot that looks over the city. I felt totally taken back in time. It's just gorgeous here.

Then kept hiking. The city is just uphill all the way, with old ally ways everywhere you turn. You are easily taken back in time when you are there. I could picture horses climbing up the narrow ally ways and people selling there market goods on the streets. I know, I'm such a geek.

After the climb to the top, the space is opened up to the cities Plaza Mayor, and the Segovia Cathedral. This cathedral is probably the most beautiful building I've ever seen. (Built between 1525 and 1577). Lovely.
I loved Segovia because at the base seeing the Aqueduct you think, "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen." Then you go a ways further and see the amazing streets and old buildings and again think "This is the coolest place I've ever seen." Then you see the cathedral and think it again. But then, you keep going even higher....
And run into the Alcazar of Segovia. No big deal, just a freaking castle. And again you say "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!"
(This pic stole from the web)
The beginnings of this castle were in 1120, and from then it just got added on and rebuilt. This is where Christopher Columbus got his money from the King and Queen of Spain for his voyage. Walt Disney used this castle as part of his inspiration for the Cinderella castle. (The diva's loved that fact).

The dry mote around the castle. I couldn't believe how deep it was.
The throne room. I have a bunch of pictures of the inside of the castle, but they are dark so I wont bore you with them. But the inside of the castle was seriously amazing. Each ceiling had a very intricate design, some done in gold. The tapestry's were hundreds of years old and just stunning. I was in awe the entire time we were there.
The view from one of the balconies. Gorgeous gardens.
The courtyard.
We went clear down to the bottom of the castle to the cellar where people had thrown change down and made a wish. So of course, I did too.
Next we headed up to the Tower of Juan II. 152 very narrow, winding stairs to the top of the tower.
Me just before heading up the tower. This is about the time that I used the common phrase "Why am I not a Queen?".
About 1/5 of the way up you get to go out to a balcony and get a view of one of the spheres.
What cancer?
Half way there. Yes, we look dead sexy here.
But totally worth it once you get to the top. It was just a beautiful view.
Love my handsome man.

After the castle we headed back down to the Plaza Mayor where we indulged in yet another pastry (stop judging) and a Coca Cola light. YUM.
And then made the sad trek away from this amazing city.

That night back in Madrid we opted for a traditional dinner of Paella. (Mine is vegetarian on the left and Trav's is chicken on the right). It was really, really delicious. And I'm still mad we didn't buy some saffron while we were there!
Tomorrow: Toledo.


Justin & Ashlee said...

I am loving all these pictures! I want to go there so bad. And how amazing that you had Travis as a wonderful tour guide!

Gloria said...

What an awesome trip! So glad you got to go back with Travis to experience it!! Thanks for taking us there in pictures!

Eileen said...

K. THIS is the day I wish I could have tagged along. No?

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

You forgot one detail...where did you get that darling jacket? I must have can tell me, I live in idaho... :-) what an amazing trip!

Jan said...

It all seems surreal - beautiful! I love all the pictures. How fun!! You look so great too!

The Bechtel's said...

the pastry and coca cola light took me back to sweet memories of one of my favorite trips . . .my honeymoon. i ate as many chocolate croissants as i could :)