Sunday, August 22, 2010

{The OH-SO FABULOUS Brooke Snow}

The last few years Travis and I have learned that people are just really kind and amazing. We have had so many people do so much for us, and it always is just humbling. I find myself quite often questioning whether or not we deserve all the goodness others do, and wondering when I will learn to do more for others. (I'm working on it, but boy do I have a ways to go.)

If you remember this post, then you already know that the amazing Brooke Snow has already given us some beautiful images of our family, but you haven't seen them all yet.

and here.
for more.

Amazing, right?
She did 4 sessions with us.
Each session was time consuming, and she never once acted like she wanted to escape...she acted like we were doing her a favor...
She wanted to capture 'a day in the life' of our family.
And she did just that.
From us playing games, baking cookies, jumping on the bed, having a tea party, eating ice cream, playing the wii and just lounging around.
She got it all.
And made us look good doing it, if I do say so myself. ;)
It is truly a documentary of almost a year of our families lives.

And she didn't stop there.
Friday she brought over this amazing. amazing. amazing. book of her most favorite, and beautiful images.

It has almost 80 pages, and I tear up every time I look at it.
I will cherish this gift forever, and I tell ya, each time I look at it, I'm just so thankful for my lovely family.

If your in the market for some pics of your family, she really will make you feel like a million bucks. We've grown to just adore her.

Thank you Brooke.
So much! (And I hope you don't mind me taking pics of your pics to post on here...I just wanted to show off my book a bit...)


Haueter Photography said...

What an awesome book for a very deserving family! She is an amazing photographer and I have LOVED every single session of pics that she has done of your adorable family!

Lorinda said...

You all look so beautiful! I am so happy for you - you deserve all of it!

Sophia said...

Hayley, this is a gift to cherish forever. I'm so happy for you and touched by Brooke's kindness! The pix are amazing! LYB!

Eileen said...

I can't even wait to see it IRL.

I love Brooke. She is pretty amazing.

As are you.

Trisha said...

I cry every time I see those pictures. You guys are an inspiration. Way to go Brooke!

Jill said...

awesome! what a treasure.

Brooke Snow Photography said...

Oh Wow! I totally stumbled onto this post in my facebook feed! What a lovely surprise! I'm so happy that you love the book and seriously consider this project to have been one of the crowning moments of my photography career :) I grew to love your family so much through the sessions and your images are some of my utmost favorites that I have ever taken!

Thank you to everyone else for the nice comments as well! I've really been humbled through the entire project and experience. I'm thinking this is something I might have to do annually for one deserving family a year???? Thats a good idea ;)

Melissa said...

Beautiful family!!

Jamie said...

Oh Hayley, those pictures are all gorgeous. Makes me all teary:)

Kellie said...

That book looks awesome!

BTW, that WAS me that left the BEST comment EVER!!! =)

I just try to make it really really difficult for people to connect to my blog. =)

Candace said...

Gorgeous. What a treasure!

Natelli Johnston said...

Wow! those pictures are amazing and you look absolutely beautiful.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm glad I got to see some of these pics in the privacy of my own home...cause of course I cried. I can't wait to see the book....hopefully I can keep the tears at bay! :)

Ballard Family said...

thats just awesome Hayley, what an amazing family!

The McClellan Clan said...

AWH!! Wow, she has a big heart!! That is so awesome girl! The pictures are AmAZING too!!

Kylene said...

So, so beautiful. What a priceless treasure!

The Wolfley Family said...

You guys are so dang beautiful! As jealous as I am, I love Brooke for doing this for you guys!

Bre said...

such a beautiful gift for a beautiful deserving family! I love it, ALL!

Brittney said...

So amazing! And really, can some of your beauty rub off on me? You truly look gorgeous. What an amazing little gift to have.

kEnZiE b said...

These are so beautiful, your girls are so adorable and you are gorgeous! I love the ones of you and Travis!!

Tasha said...

First, Sunrise Elementary, wow that brings back memories. Can you believe that is where we went to elementary?! Your daughters looked beautiful, as always!
Second. I loved the pictures Brooke took of your family. She did a fabulous job and you are more beautiful than ever. Love all the pictures and must admit, am a little jealous ;) Lucky you!