Monday, August 2, 2010

{Laughing Gas}

Sweet little Adyson had to get 4 teeth pulled today.
Her 'grown up' teeth were coming in behind her baby ones,
and the baby ones just weren't loosening.

We had our first experience with laughing gas.
It was awesome.
She just couldn't stop giggling, and it made my heart melt,
and made me giggle too.
How do I get me some of that laughing gas?
For real, I've never had the experience,
and I'd like too.

She was a little nervous, but only squeaked out a few tears,
and mostly is just very excited to see what the tooth fairy will bring.
I do love this kid of mind.
Oh, and now she talks with a lisp.
I'm smitten.

Here's a little vid of her giggling during the gas.
She kept saying "I LOVE laughing gas".
It was fabulous.


Michelle said...

So sad, but what a trooper. Im so proud of her for beinging such a big kid. Hugs and Kisses Ady!!

Heather Housley said...

Isn't it nice to know she's a "happy drunk?"

Trisha said...

This just makes me happy! Such a cute laugh!

Katie G. Taylor said...

That is really funny. I really hope she's feeling better after the barfing last night. It's the worst feeling to have a sick child and feel helpless. We can't wait for her to come and play again soon! PS. I had SO MUCH FUN LAST NIGHT! I haven't laughed my buttocks off like that for a while! THANKS!

Melissa said...

that is hilarious! I haven't grown out of it, I still laugh if I get laughing gas, it's quite embarassing!

Kristen said...

I have to have the Laughing Gas or my whole body hurts the next day from tensing up. Turn up the Laughing Gas and all is well. You always take the best pictures, Hayley. I need to be better about taking more.