Saturday, August 21, 2010

{The Ladies on the Range}

Today we took the divas to the golf course to hit some balls.
Travis loves to golf.
It is his most favorite thing to do in the world, so he really enjoys sharing it with his girls.

Ady & Enna, in the pro shop. Can you see the excitement?

Enna went first.
Bless T and his patience.
This kid has such a zest for life, and just grinned from ear to ear the entire time. She did really great, and Adyson kept telling her she was great at 'getting air.'

Adyson surprised me a little. She is a little perfectionist, and wanted to smack them clear down the range. She did great! She had fun golfing and cheering her Dad and Enna on the whole time.

Though I didn't grow up loving the golf course like T did, I can completely see it's appeal. It is beautiful and so peaceful there. It was heaven with the lovely breeze, and my little ladies giggling, and a very happy hubs. I hope we make it a weekly thing.


Lorinda said...

So sweet! I never understood the whole "golf" thing either, but it looked like so much fun, we may have to give it a shot!

Trisha said...

Jon is still trying to convert me to golf. Maybe if I was a little better at it!

Jamie said...

Those pictures are adorable Hay. What a great little outing!