Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday with the ladies

We used to go to church at 1:30, making for very lazy Sunday mornings, and busy Sunday evenings. But now we go at 9:00.

This gives the ladies so much play time and today they took complete advantage of it. Saturday we purchased the new wii game, Just Dance. It's a total hit with the girls (and curiously enough, dad too). The second we walked in they changed their clothes (Notice Sienna's swimsuit cover up is her choice of "outfit for the day. She puts that thing on at least once a day, and it really deserves a post of it's own), and they were downstairs shaking their stuff. It's about the cutest thing in the world to watch and they are both pretty good at it.
If your wondering, this particular dance is to Kylie Manogue's, I just can't get you out of my head. And strangely enough, I can't get that song out of my head now. Go figure.
When they finally tired of dancing, they came upstairs to watch a movie. Travis and I decided to go downstairs and watch the football game, and we assumed all was well upstairs. (Remember what they say about Assuming?)
Um, this is what we found when we went to check on them.
Sienna made a "pillow house" using every single pillow in the house.
Scroll down, it gets worse.

Adyson made her house surrounded by pillows and with a good chunk of her Barbies as guests. She and Sienna were just sitting around chatting like best friends and watching their movie like they'd done nothing wrong.
Cute. So cute. And so messy.

Here is the face I got when I mentioned that at some point the mess has to be cleaned up.
Not happy.

The girls are at a stage right now where either they are fighting because A) Adyson doesn't want Sienna following her around or B) Sienna is just trying to make Adyson mad, but Sundays they are just best friends. They do everything together and I even caught them hugging tonight before bed. The highlight of the day was when I went to brush Sienna's teeth she told Adyson, "Go ahead and dance with your prince Ady, I'll be there as soon as I brush my teeth."
I just love their imaginations!
Happy Sunday to you all.
And Heather, I blogged this for you, so you better just get busy and update yours now. Chop chop.


Trisha said...

My "assumptions" yesterday led to crayon marks on many places it is not supposed to be!

jwoodruff said...

I love your girls. "Go ahead and dance with your prince" I love it. Hopefully my girls will be as close as yours.

Candace said...

So cute. Love the pillow house and the barbie hangout. Don't you love love love 9:00 church? Girls, they are never dull! I want to play the dance game sometime it sounds like fun.

Amy Johnson said...

So cute! And I'm laughing really hard at all the barbies! I hope they are always best friends!

The Wolfley Family said...

I can so beat a pillow house and Barbie guests for the mess factor, but Sienna's comment about dancing with the prince is gonna keep a smile on my face for a long long time!

Morrells said...

Such cute girls and I like the pillow house creativity! Sundays are lovely family time! I cherish them!!!

Melissa said...

they are just too cute! i am jealous you get to spend sunday afternoons playing-we just started the 1:00 church!!!

Tasha said...

Your girls crack me up. It truly seems there is never a dull moment in that house of yours. BTW did I spot the Barbie movie playing, we own all of those movies - they are so corny, but Kalli loves them!