Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Missing those curls

Out of curiosity I straightened Enna Bugs hair for the first time, in a long time today. Do you think she liked it?

And really, can you believe her hair is that long? I had NO idea!
Sienna love, I think you are a beauty either way, but I sure missed your curls today. You look much to old with straight hair, and I think you lost a little of your lovely spunk without them too!


Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

your girls are adorable! and i agree she looks waaaay older with her hair like that. lucky lady though it's so silky and smooth!

Eileen said...

Why? Are we still up?

Can I have her?

Mortons Love said...

Definitely older, and different. My heart hurts a little when I have straightened Macy's hair. Scott will have none of it. I haven't tried Polly yet.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

She looks a lot like Ads when you straighten her hair. I do have to say I would miss the curls too. They are too adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Really, my grandkids are the cutest in the world, Sienna's hair is so long! Who would have guessed? She does look like Ady with the straight hair. I love her curls though. Can't wait to try the new game! Mom

Syndee said...

She looks 12 or something! Can't believe it. That is funny I think the same thing when I do Kylees straight!

Trisha said...

I love her curls!

Melissa said...

that's the funnest part about having a girl with curls, so many cute options, she's adorable either way!!!! But I must say she looks soooo grown up!!!!

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Super cute! I think she looks more like her sister with straight hair, but yes we all miss the curls!

Guymon Family said...

Her hair looked so darling, It is a bit of a shocker to see how long her hair is straight. Who knew? It totally made her look 2 years older. I trimmed Cate's hair the other day to see if the weight of it was causing the top to remain straighter, but no. I'm fearing the worst. I just may cry if she outgrows her curl. Any tips from the hair pro?

Candace said...

Holy cow her hair is so long! She does look older too. I have to say I am a fan of the curls. Hopefully she won't grow out of them!

Glad you liked Shackles. Hope you like Ransom too.

Jamie said...

UH. She kills me. She is just so darling and looks beautiful with curls or without. I can't believe how long her hair is!!

Anonymous said...


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Jill said...

so pretty! she looks like Adyson now.

jwoodruff said...

The beauty of curly hair is that on occasion you can bring out your split personality.

Anonymous said...

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Ashley Mae Photo said...

cute, love it straight but those curls are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

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