Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The story of the Birthday Cake.

A little back story:

My Mother-in-law has started a little tradition. Each year for all of her grand kids Birthday she bakes and decorates a cake for them. Remember Adyson's Tinkerbell cake and Sienna's Sleeping Beauty Masterpiece? This is such fun for the grand kids, and for Grandma too. She never disappoints!

Last week:

Travis and Adyson were discussing my upcoming Birthday, when she asked him what kind of cake Grandma was going to make me. Travis said he wasn't sure, and asked what type of cake Adyson thought I should have.

Her reply?
So sweetly, she said "a cleaning lady cake."
Dad (while laughing I'm sure) said "like a maid cake?"
"Yes, perfect, A maid cake!"

Calls were made, and a surprise cake was baked.

Now, Travis thought this was so funny and may have told me ahead of time about my maid cake. But we made sure to act very surprised when Grandma gave it to me. Grandma, very tastefully, made the cake more like Cinderella before she gets her fancy ballgown. It turned out perfectly and Adyson was thrilled that her plan came to life.

Let's sum things up here:
28 years on this Earth and I am known as "the maid" of the house.
I need to get a new hobby.
Or at least a paycheck for my maid services.

I'm just sayin'

The cake was lovely and much appreciated Lorraine! And tasty too.


The Wolfley Family said...

Ady looks like she is literally about to burst with pride!
Can anyone say "neat freak"?

Kylene said...

That is funny! What a lovely cake and so fitting for a mom huh! Happy Birthday to you. Your girls little comments and personalities always make me laugh. I'm glad you had a great day!

KIRSTEN said...

How sweet, and not to mention a hilarious story! Happy to hear you had a GREAT birthday!!

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Hilarious! At least your house must be spotless to be called the maid!

Trisha said...

Better the maid than some less desirable job...like the couch potato or something.

Clayton and Heidi said...

hahaha! That is too cute.

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

I would love a maid cake, there is nothing wrong with cleaning! Glad you had a great birthday!

Lorinda said...

It's amazing how we kind of get transformed into that. What I am amazed at, is how much I kind of embrace it and hate it at the same time. I hope you had such a wonderful birthday! I miss you and am excited to see you at Bunco next week. Btw, thanks for your call. I love that you were so concerned...good friend of mine :)