Friday, August 14, 2009

Sticker Snacks

Doing PYP has allowed us to stock up on some things that normally I wouldn't really buy. Such as these sticker/fruit snacks. They were on sale, and so we thought we'd give them a shot.

Um, it was a wise choice.

Usually when they eat their fruit snacks they are gone in seconds. These babies allow for a good half our of entertainment. (And piece and quite.)

I'm doing my best to look past them eating things after they've stuck them on their faces....It's cleaner than the floor, right? (Ooh, now that I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe it's not cleaner than the floor.)

I'm cringing.

Anywhoo, it made for a great pic of the girls with cousin Simon. I think they are quite spectacular little kids.


Bre said...

cute pictures! and hey whatever keeps the kiddos smiling and entertained sounds fabulous!

Lorinda said...

We love the "stickers" also, but I haven't actually told my kiddos the name of them because I wasn't sure if I wanted them sticking them all over, but seeing as how cute your girls and Simon look, I might clue them in.

Eileen said...

I've never heard of them. I must purchase! Your girls don't need any more reasons for me to eat them up!

Melissa said...

I have sooo wanted to try those!! They look too fun! Cute pict!

Jamie said...

Wow I am way behind...I am just learning about these fun treats! DARLING picture! Those faces are too adorable! Missed ya the other night!