Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Halloween Festivities

Wednesday Adyson had school, and right when I picked her up she had a play date. Then she came home, got dressed up and went to dance. I was feeling sorry for Sienna because it seems Adyson gets to do so much, and sweet little Enna is stuck home with boring me.
So while Ads was at her play date, I let Sienna skip her nap and we watched a movie together. I got up to fold the laundry and when I got back, I found her zonked out on the floor. So much for fun time with mom...
I love this sweet little face!

I mentioned that Ady had dance class, and was told to dress up in her costume. She opted not to dress up like Hannah Montana, because she knew the wig would drive her nuts while dancing. So we threw together this butterfly fairy costume (which was really just her dance clothes with wings on). She now wants to dress like a butterfly again tomorrow....but I'm betting she will change her mind a few times before we get dressed.

And then today was her Halloween Party at school. We've been driving her buddy Tate to school because his mom just had a baby, so we got her all ready and she exclaimed "I can't wait for Tate to see me, he's gonna think I look so pretty."
Yes folks, we raise em' modest!
And poor Tate didn't even get to go to school due to the flu.
Here she is once more as HM. This year we have gotten our money's worth out of that cheap wig. I'm already Halloweened out and it isn't quite Friday!

These are from her putting on a concert this morning. Oh yes, she's serious about her music.

Hope you guys have a great Halloween too!


Kristen said...

Ady is a blooming little actress. I love the collage of Hanna pictures. I really like the bottom right. She's really rocking out!
Sienna looks like an angel. Sleeping so peacefully.

The Wolfley Family said...

Your girls are perfection!