Thursday, October 2, 2008


Have I mentioned I am an insomniac? Seriously friends, I am exhausted, but as soon as I lay down my mind turns on. Tonight it went something like this.

I hope she liked her hair today. What should Ads wear to the zoo tomorrow. I should have put the laundry in the dryer. I really need to mop. I need to color my hair. What should I fix for dinner tomorrow. I forgot to pay Ady's teacher for school this month, I better run her a check tomorrow....

It's awful. I'm a night nut case.

So instead of sitting there listening to my thoughts, I started looking at Etsy. I do this often, look and dream. I really, really, like to buy clothes for my little ladies, and Etsy has some cute ones!

Here are some of my fav finds of the night.

I little girs in skirts.

This one screams Sienna. She just has such a funky little style.

And this one would be darling on Miss A. She would love it because of the flowers!

And I had to add this. My sweet Friend Kristen has an amazing shop full of baby bedding, adorable tutu's, and some great hair flowers. I Adore how funky they are, and will be purchasing a few of these soon.

I LOVE my girls in hats. And Etsy has too many. I had a hard time deciding which one to put on my wish list, but I do love the scarf. Isn't it perfect?

And who doesn't love winter wear? I think this little sweater and hat is just too cute. I'm thinking I need to learn to crochet...

And if I were rich, I would seriously consider buying Ads this for Halloween. She would die. And die happy.
Though maybe it's good I don't have the mula, I think we should stop feeding her princess complex.

All this Etsy shopping has lead me to a few conclusions.

First, I really wish I was good at creating. I can't sew, or crochet. But someday I hope to learn and then I can be an Etsy seller myself.

Second, I wish my girls would want clothes instead of toys for Christmas....Don't worry though, they will get toys galore, and I will keep dreaming of spending a fortune at Etsy.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Do share.

Happy Shopping.


Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing the etsy love. I find myself spending a lot of time browsing peoples etsy shops. Pretty soon, I'll be going there for Christmas shopping.

Sarah Schwartz said...

Hayley, if you are serious about wanting to learn to crochet I will totally teach you. Its a great hobby for keeping your mind half-way involved. It doesn't take as much attention as reading so you can do it while watching TV and being a mommy, BUT it is a great distraction. Let me know.

Hanne and Fam said...

I love going to etsy too. I found a crochet pattern for the cutest hat on there that I bought and I am currently making for Lexi. I will have to show it to you when I am done. Thanks again for the birthday present! You are so sweet!

Tana Draper said...


I find myself doing the same thing at night... I think too much. Thanks for sharing all the cute stuff. I love Kristen's bows and shop.... soooooooo stinkin cute!

Jill and Matt said...

I'll have to check it out! I love the flower. I wish so bad I could buy that tutu/dress!! I would wear it if I could!!!

Jamie said...

Oh wow, those are some great finds! I love love that little hairbow. Too bad my little boys would look wierd wearing it:) The road trippin-hand holding, really? How PRECIOUS!!

Melissa said...

I love etsy too. The only problem is it's unlike a normal store (a normal store, you walk in, there is only so much to see,, and then you have to move on to another store or just be done shoppping)...etsy, the shopping never ends, there are so many fun shops to look at, I love the sweaters and skirts on your post, I might have to go check those out!!

Morrell's said...

I think that the whole not sleeping thing is a mommies curse! I totally get my mind running and 3 hours later want to scream cause I know I am going to be dead head mom in the morning! I really need a girl! I love how yours are dressed they are so dang cute! Hey if I don't get a girl finacially we will be better off!

Shelly and her boys said...

I was right there with you until 1 a.m. I was also writing the list of things I had forgot or needed to do. like write the late check for preschool and I was on your kitchen blog writing the directions for your yummy strawberry/ orange salad for a dinner party tonight! It was a hit, the first thing to be gobbled up! Thanks!

The Wolfley Family said...

I could teach you to croche! It`s really fun! Bring some yarn and a new pick next time you come down and I`ll help you make a scarf! Breje

Tasha said...

I absolutely LOVE that blue tutu dress - Kalli would drop on the floor if I gave her that. I love to shop, but I don't do much online - maybe I should start!