Saturday, June 14, 2008

Simple Pleasures Tag, and Feeding the cankers.

Bre tagged me a while ago about simple pleasures-so here you go. I had to laugh because most of her simple pleasures are mine too...but I will try to do something new. A few of my favorite simple pleasures.

Blogging-Let me explain. I learned this weekend that I love blogging and my Internet in general. Our service was down for a few days and I missed it. I might be addicted. It's so nice to take a few minutes out of my day to read about what you are all up to, and live vicariously through all of you travelers.... and I love documenting our lives through it. I don't scrapbook anymore, so this is a great way for me to remember the little things.

A good book-I wasn't a big reader in high school. In fact, I wasn't a big reader till the last few years. Now, I love. love. love. to read. When I go into a book store I am in pure awe of how many books I want to read, and feel totally in heaven there.

Anyone have any good book suggestions?

A great bag-Oh, yes. I have a small addiction to bags. I love them. I am always drawn to the much too expensive ones, and wish I could afford to buy a new one every month. Right now I'm using Goldie. (Yes, this ones so pretty she has a name.) I know, it's more yellow than gold. But whatever color she is, she's perfect.

And lastly...

A good coke-I know, I know... it's not good for you, blah-blah-blah. I love a good Coke. I figure we limit meat, cheese, eggs... (sorta) (kinda) Hey, the fake vegan life is tough. I can have my coke. Don't judge me, just let me drink it in silence while it burns down my throat and eats through my stomach.

I'm not feeling awfully creative right now, so I'll stop there. I tag whoever needs something to blog about.

And since I haven't written about Trav for a while, I thought I should throw a bit about him in here too. (A fathers day post will be written later.)

The new cancer center is open in Logan and it is a great improvement from the old building. There is much more room, and I think he likes that he can have a little privacy while he gets his treatments. Before there were only a few small treatment rooms and they were chuck full of people (sad really). He's met some really interesting people there, and it's interesting to hear about how others face cancer. There are the negative nellys, and the super positives. Very young, and very old. It's a melting pot really.

His cankers are pretty ridiculous right now. They are huge, and his poor mouth is always sore. I feel terrible for him! His body is pretty achy and he is tired, but of course, he doesn't complain. What a good man I married! Instead of saying he is going to get a treatment, he says he is going to "feed the cankers." He's funny, no?

And if you weren't already convinced that we are slightly stupid, here's the kicker.

We watched P.S. I love you this weekend. (It's was late and that was all that was at the Red Box.)

Bad idea. Bad. I'm not a big cryer. In fact, I hate to cry. But this movie did me in. The eyes still hurt. I highly recommend that no one who is in a similar situation to us watch this movie. It is the devil.


Hanne and Fam said...

I bawled through that entire movie. I was so mad because I hate to cry and Dirk made fun of me for it!
So we need to do a swim thing this week because Lexi is really upset with me that she missed yours yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I love how you explain coke. I totally agree... the burning down the throught part is what makes it so good. lol I am also a huge coke addict. I think I'll got get one right now.

TCT said...

I can't watch that movie- it is way to hard to watch it. I agree with thte blogging thing though- I am so addicted to it!!!


Bre said...

I just LOVE that movie and I balled through the whole thing!! And I always remember that you have the cutest bags always!! I am just amazed how strong you and Trav both are!!

p.s. Dinner would be great depending on what time, I have to work this random wed.

p.s.s. I was wondering if any of you would want to start up the card thing again?

Morrell's said...

That show made me cry too, and when I cry it aint pretty! Coke is evil but I love it too! My family are all addicted too! I hope Trav's mouth starts feeling better soon! I missed you at bunco!

Melissa said...

I totally should have called you last night. I was in desperate need of a handbag for my 10 year SV reunion. I realized 10 minutes before it was time to leave that all I own is a diaper bag (how pathetic am I?) I guess I need to go shopping!!! Anways, i walked around with my camera case carrying all my essentials (it wasn't the cutest)

Matt & Jill said...

I love this post!! First, I see you are reading The Host. Do you like it? I didn't like the first half but really liked the last half. It's so funny Travis calls it feeding the cankers. I love goldie she is so cute. I'm like you I love buying bags. Also there is nothing better than a good Coke (or Dr. Pepper) I love the burn too! Do you love the vanilla cokes at Chilis? That's the best!!! I think I'm going to have to make the club tacos they look so good!!!!

Courtney McKay said...

I haven't seen the movie! It sounds sad. I love your bag by the way, I saw it at church, so cute! Who doesn't need a coke every now and then??

The McClellan Clan said...

I love all your favorite things. But I seriously can't believe you watched that movie. But Gerard Butler!! MMMMM hotty!!

Tasha said...

Funny, I just rented that movie and am just about to watch it. I had better go get the tissue box it sounds like! I am sorry to hear about Travis but it sounds like you married a great guy. Lucky you! Your fam is so adorable and it looks like you are enjoying every moment. All I know is I want you to make me some yummy food, you look like you are an amazing cook!
PS I have been checking your blog out too. I was curious to see what you have been up to and went back quite a while to catch up. I was surprised to see your blog and am so glad you found me. I will have to get some of emails of the people on your friends list, I am so curious to see what they are up to - of course they are private :)