Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Tag

I have been tagged yet again. I'm afraid that there is nothing real exciting for me to write about, but for you Jen I accept.

Here's the Deal. Each player answers the questions about themselves, at the end of the post the player tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was a 16 year old in high school. I'm fairly certain I was a pretty big brat as well. (Sorry about that.) I had my first serious boyfriend, who I was positive I would marry. How silly.

2. What is on your To Do list today? Today I took Adyson to school, cleaned my house, went to wal-mart, made lunch, cleaned my house again. Now I am going to get Sienna to nap, get on that darn Treadmill, and try to read a few chapters of Jane Eyre.

3. Snacks that I enjoy? Oh I like this question! I love smores, Otte's Cinnamon rolls (thanks for the reminder Amy), Chocolate covered almonds, Hot fudge sundaes, Cheesecake....I'll stop now.

4. Three Bad Habits? Only 3? I love to shop and if it weren't for Travis I would be in some serious debt. He has taught me to control myself :), I hate clutter. I find myself cleaning up toys while the kids are still playing with them. I need to remember that it is okay to have a messy house sometimes. I hate to go to sleep. I will stay up late cleaning, blogging, watching stupid t.v., reading-whatever. I just don't get enough sleep. Oh and I still bite my nails. Gross, I know.

5. If I were suddenly a billionaire I would... build my dream house. Go on an awesome vacation-Spain, Italy....I would donate money to find a cure to that d&m* cancer.

6. Five Places I've lived. I'm embarrassed to answer this one. Logan and Smithfield. Don't be jealous of my exotic crazy life .

7. Five Jobs: R&G's drive-Inn (and I loved it.), The Silver Shop, Kutting Edge Salon, ICON, and I moved pipe for some farmers in Smithfield. (I loved that too, didn't you T?)

8. Five things people don't know about me....... This one is hard. I have done a whole lot of tags spilling my deepest darkest secrets, and I blog therefore my life is an open book. Let me think....I get really irritated at radio stations that don't know what style they are. I hear a song I like and think great..I like this station. And then next they play rap, then r&b and then pop. Make up your mind already, seriously. I wont eat salad dressing from the fridge. I will only eat it in restaurants. I am super clean in my house, but my car is an utter disaster. I would someday like to be a wedding planner and run a reception center. I really dream of doing this someday! Lastly, I used to ski every weekend. Saturday would roll around and I couldn't wait to "Ski the Beav". After I got married I have really stopped doing this. I miss it all the time, and really miss that time spent with my dad. This year I am vowing to at least go once.

That's all folks. I hope you enjoyed! I Go ahead, all of you...


Breezy said...

Looks like I`m first! Did you tag mom? The name the five places would be EASY for her! Where`s some pictures of Enna and Ady? Get down here soon, and I don`t think you have enough time to ski before Bever closes down. How about you take the skiing excuse to come down here?

Jan said...

It's always fun to learn more about people through these tags... and relate.

Michelle said...

Your visitor map is kinda cool. Very fun find.

Morrell's said...

I always love to read your tags! I never get bored reading, Honestly! I love to hear all the normal mom things like never going to bed, but heck the house doesn't clean itself, and cleaning when kids are awake is like trying to keep your car washed in the dead of winter! I would love to go out with you gals sometime! We really should do a husband bunco night too, or something of that type!

Heidi Kjar said...

So fun to read these. I loved learning more about you. We're becoming closer friends already:)- through blogs- but that's okay!
That's fun you used to ski "beav" with your dad a lot. And what a fun job to be a wedding planner, I could totally see you doing that!
Oh and lastly, when you wrote that about the radio station, I am so there with you, I was like "amen!" when I read that!

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I'm still missing you guys. My kids are all healthy at the moment, how are yours? Lets have a game night and let the kids play sometime soon. Saturdays and Sundays work for us.

The McClellan Clan said...

I love your tags so tag yourself again. We can never learn to much about each other unless, well you get alittle out of control and spill all your beans!! YOur so darn cute!!
I'll help you try to find the cure if we become billionaires together!!

Trisha said...

I did love the moving pipe job...who would have thought that you and I would be the hard core farmer types. I think Jonny was proud. I also love that you are reading Jane Eyre. It is my ALL time favorite book. Is this your first time?

Bre said...

I love to learn more about ya all the time! Im sad I didnt get to come with you guys to dinner! I wish I would have known sooner. Next time we will have too. I hope to see ya at bunco! We should all do a couples bunco again, that was fun, and forever ago! I miss ya as well!