Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fathers day fun

Another Fathers Day has come and gone. I honestly love Fathers Day and Mothers Day because I really do enjoy honoring my parents, and it doesn't hurt that I get to celebrate those days now too. I do get sick of driving and making sure we get to see everyone, but it's the least we can do for our parents and our in-laws.

So on Sunday we woke up and went to church. I have to be honest, Sacrament meeting is a little different for us with Sienna. She is a litte stinker. She seriously will not sit still, when the song comes on she just sings loudly with them, she pretty much just makes us run around all meeting. I sometimes feel like the others in are ward are too busy laughing at us and watching our chaoticness (is that a word?) to get much out if the hour, But they are always nice and always mention how cute our kids are, so-hopefully one day she will learn to sit still.

On Sunday one of the girls who spoke was in our Sunday School Class when we taught it last year. We loved that calling and loved teaching the 16 year olds. The girl who spoke has always been one of my favorites. She loves the church and seems to be above some of the highschool things that affects a lot of people at that age, and most certainly affected me when I was sixteen. Anyways, I always thought we knew her fairly well, but I learned on Sunday that we didn't know as much about her as I thought. She was almost finished speaking when she said that "Fathers day is a very hard day for my family. It has been 11 years since my father passed away and we miss him every day." I felt terrible for her and felt terrible that I didn't know. And then I felt even more embaressed about my kids in church because right after she said that Ady says pretty loudly, "Did bad guys get her dad? Why is he dead?" Way to really add to the spirit right? Oh well, I guess kids will be kids and I just hope too many people didn't hear her!

Anywas after the exciting church hoop-la, we were ready to celebrate the big day. I made Travis lie down while we made him his very favorite snack, Smores. You know, the kind you make with golden grahms. We love them at our house! So we made those and some cards and also gave him a new tree for the back yard. I know, it sounds dumb, but thats what he wanted! Then we went to Ron and Michelles and wished Larry a Happy Day. We also got to Celebrate Rheagen's Birthday. Adyson just loves Rheagen and it was nice to be there for her big day. After that, a quick trip to my parents to Celebrate with my dad. I have been thinking about how lucky I am and my kids are to have so many good male examples in their lives. Obviously Travis is the kind of husband and father that anyone could want. He wants to teach the kids, and play with them, and he just loves them. I cannot tell you how excited they get when daddy walks into the room, and he treats me pretty dang good too. I feel like he has had a great example in his dad, who I love. Larry is a very caring dad who honestly loves his kids unconditionally. And my dad, well, most people know how much I love my daddy. He can be a grumpy old soul, but he is one in a million. He is always there for us and willing to help and he just loves us and takes all of our crap! Aren't we just the lucky ones? Anyway-I planned on taking so many pictures on Sunday and just plain forgot! So enjoy my rambling and I hope you all had a great fathers day too!

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Trisha said...

Speaking of family, we saw Sean at Lowe's the other day and it was so fun to talk to him. You do have a great family!