Wednesday, June 13, 2007

20 Things

Not much is going on here at the Kidman Casa. The best news of the week is that the basement is FINALLY drywalled, mudded, taped, and textured! We are pretty excited to get on our way with the rest of the work. This week we went and picked paint for all the rooms and hopefully we will be able to prime and paint the ceilings and hang the lights this weekend. I cannot tell you how sick of the basement I am. I hate to complain, but HOLY CRAP it is time to get it done!

I realized today how much I love living here. I was on my way into town today and I passed by a cute little stroller caravan. It was my cute friend Trisha (with her cute twins!) and Melanie, also with her little cutie. I only chatted with them for like 2 minutes, but it was lovely all the same. It is so nice to live here and still get to have these chance run ins! I also ran into an old salon friend and an old Beauty school friend. I realized that in my short little life I have made some pretty great friends and I love living where I can just run into them and get the little updates that make being a stay at home mom sane!

Other than that things here are boring. One of the many, many blogs I read has posted 100 things about themselves and it was fun to read. I decided I would post a few, but who really needs to hear 1oo things about little old me!

1. I'm addicted to the Food Network. I love to watch people cook.
2. I am a little O.C.D. about my house. I know my highschool friends are shocked, but I love a clean house.
3. I really love to stay up late.
4. I could watch Moulin Rouge over and over and over again.
5. I love bags, expensive bags. (I'm sure I got that from my mom)
6. I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream with hot fudge on top.
7. I live in my pajamas
8. My girls melt my heart. I don't cry often, but they can make me do that anytime.
9. I love celebrity gossip. Oh, judge me if you will- but admit it, you do too.
10. Coke
11. Mexican Food-Oh it's glorious
12. I love Bunco
13. I love to hang out with my whole entire family. I love the chaoticness of the cousins playing, and the silly love we all have for one another.
14. Board games! We try and play them at least once a week. See, you can have fun without alchohol.
15. I love to decorate, then redecorate, and then redecorate again. (my poor husband, right?)
16. I love fashion magazines.
17. I love wedding planning. If I ever am rich, I plan on doing that.
18. I really want to travel. My top three- Spain, Italy, and New York.
19. I am a worrier. Many nights I can't sleep because I worry over everything.
20. I love being married. My husband is just one of those guys who will always make me happy-even when he is ticking me off he finds a way to make me laugh.

Okay, enough about me! Your turn!


Trisha said...

I have to admit, it was funny to hear about your compulsion for cleaning. When I think about your room in high school I have to remember that half of the mess was made by all of us trying on your clothes to get the best outfits for the soc hop! Your clean tendencies were stifled by all of us!

Heather Wolfley said...

Okay, so no new news here for me, but it was fun to read anyway! It made me want to do my own list, but that makes me realize how much alike we've become. I don't think mine is much different from yours!