Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Really Good Week!

This week really has been a great week. First off, Heather finally had her baby. Sweet Brielle Austen Wolfley was born on Tuesday and she is a looker! She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. (actually big for Heathers kids) and is 19 inches long. She has a ton of black hair! Seriously, she puts Sienna to shame with all that hair. We haven't been able to meet her yet, but our plan is to spend the weekend in Mt. Home! I am so excited to hold her-and I honestly just can't wait to see them all.
My mom and Heather say that so far she is a dream baby and Heather and Jody couldn't be happier. I am just happy that things went so well and she made it here safely.
The last couple of months have been a little bit hard with Adyson. She is always playing with her friends at our house and she has a great time with them, but whenever they ask her to come play at their house she gets too scared. She will not leave home without me. It is hard because all the other kids in the neighborhood run around and play together and I feel like she is missing out on so much. Last month I took her to her best friends birthday party and she wouldn't stay and just started crying-so I came home crying-and worried about Adyson. I want her to show others her social, silly side.
Well today our neighbor and Ady's great friend Nicole had a birthday party. I walked her over there and she sat down and started playing. Sienna started to get tired so I told Ady I had to go and was just waiting for the tears, but they didn't come. She just let me leave! This is HUGE!! She stayed at the party for 2 hours and had a great time. Nicoles mom said that she was fine and had a blast playing all the games. I don't think I have ever been prouder as a mom. It was amazing to watch my little girl conquer a fear of hers.
This little conquest has made me thankful for my calling as a mother. It may seem silly that something as small as a birthday party has made me so proud and so thankful for my kids, but hey-thats just the way it works! I look forward to the many obstacels that we can overcome together. CHEESY-but its just how I feel today!

Other than that things here are going just fine. We have had a great week spending time together and enjoying life. It was one of those weeks where the days just fly by and everyone is in a good mood. Sienna has finally decided she likes walking more than crawling, and she just walks everywhere, with a serious look of pride on her face. I will post some more pictures of Brielle when we get back from our trip.
Here is a cute pic of the girls snuggling! They really do love eachother so much!

Here are a few pics of our Bathing Beauties. The first time we have been able to run through the sprinklers this year. Adyson loved it, Sienna could have done without-but isn't she cute in her suit?

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