Sunday, May 6, 2007

More Birthdays, Drywall, and Rambling (as usual)

For the last couple of weeks Travis and the men in the family have come home from their real jobs, just to head down to the basement to hang drywall. It has been pretty tiring for them and a lot of tedious work. And I'll be honest, I was starting to feel like a single mom. By the end of this week I was starting to lose my cool with my kids and I'm positive they were sick of me. (can you blame them?) But I'm not complaining because I cannot tell you how excited we are that all the drywall is hung! It looks great down there and the end is sort of in sight!
Hopefully here soon the mud and tape will get done and then it will be time to pick a paint color. We ordered built-ins to go next to the fireplace this week and they will be done in about a month, and hopefully by then it will just be finish work time.
I am so grateful to Travis, Larry, Cody, and my Dad. They were so much help and all I had to do was feed them dinner every night.

On Wednesday Travis celebrated his 32nd birthday. Normally we celebrate at night but this year they were one day away from finishing the basement and all he wanted to do was get it done-so me and the girls took him some treats to work and ate lunch at El Sol-Travs favorite restaraunt. We got him a really nice framed picture of a hole at Pebble Beach for his new office. The girls were excited to visit with him and Adyson colored him a lovely card-but that was the most partying we did!

My moms birthday was on Saturday too, so pretty much over the last 3 months all we have done is celebrate birthday after birthday! Heather should be adding to that fairly soon with a new baby girl due within the next 3 weeks. I can't express how excited I am to have another little snuggly baby in the family-and one that I don't have to wake up with in the middle of the night.

Things here are going just fine though-my kids are healthy and happy and we are just enjoying springtime and our families. Sienna just gets cuter and cuter, and she just learns so much everyday. She is starting to love to snuggle and give kisses-(I'm not complaining) and she has a smile that just melts my heart. Not much new with Adyson. She is just a little princess and still wierdly obsessed with Prince Charming. Every morning when we go to do her hair she will tell me what princess she wants to look like, and I have to do her hair accordingly. What a goof right? Anyways-thats all for the Kidman clan for now.

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