Friday, May 18, 2007

It Begins Already!

Our neighborhood is perfect for our little girls. There are about 4 little girls within a year or two of Adyson and the same goes for Sienna. They have a lot of little friends and Adyson constantly is playing with 2 of them. They usually get along great and giggle and laugh constantly. Well the other night Travis was tucking Ady into bed and she just started sobbing. When she finally calmed down enough to tell us what was wrong she said- "I heard Lexi's mommy say that Nicole doesn't like me anymore." Lexi's cute mom Hanna-had said something about the girls to me when she picked Lexi up the other day, but it wasn't about Nicole not liking her, it was just a misunderstanding. But I have to say-it has begun! It brought me back to highschool and the dumb fights and misunderstandings, and just how mean girls can be. I have 2 of these girls to live through!! So pray for the Kidman girls and their mommy because I am terrified!

Other than the 3 year old cat fight, things here are going great. With the basement at a standstill for a few minutes-We have been able to catch up on the yard work. Oh and by we I mean Travis. We have been planting flowers and this weekend we plan on getting the garden planted. I am looking forward to fresh peas and corn! The weather has been lovely and we have been out every night taking advantage.

Mothers day was a little different this year. Usually we go see my Grandma, mom and Trav's mom as well, but our kids were sick and we visited the Instacare instead. Adyson had been 103 fevered for about 3 days and the Doctor wanted us to take her. Turned out she just had the flu, but she feels fine now. Trav and the girls gave me what I was hoping for, some beautiful baskets to hang from the porch full of red geraniums and my mom gave me a beautiful piece for my home. It's weird that for mothers day I get presents from my mom. I cannot believe I have two kids and get to celebrate that holiday. I think it will always be wierd for me! I hope you all had a great mothers day as well-and if you think about it send some wishes Heathers way. We need that sweet baby girl to come soon!
Here are some cute pics of the girls. Doesn't Ady look so grown up? And Sienna is getting so big!
My mothers day gifts!

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