Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Happenings, Ragnar, Pink Party, Bday Partying

We can feel it...Summer is quickly winding down.
I am ready, and not ready all at once.

Here's what we've been up to.

This has been the summer of the cousins!  And they aren't complaining.
My sister and her husband have needed my mom to help watch her kids multiple times..
for camps and trek for their ward.
So we've had the little ones in Utah for weeks at a time,
and I'll tell you what!  My kids wont leave their side.
Bless my moms heart...she has just had a house full and loved every second of it.
The memories these cousins and friends have made are priceless.
And I caved,
and ran the Wasatch Back.
I don't really run,
don't love races,
and hate the competition of it...
but man, we had fun.
I wouldn't have done it without a crew of awesome,
amazing people.
I sure love them.

We ran for T.
It was so awesome of them to do that,
and an experience I surely wont ever forget.
I've never laughed so hard,
wanted to sleep so badly,
ached so much,
or had so much fun.
I sure love my dear friends.
After Ragnar my friend invited a bunch of us to this party in Provo for the blogger
The Alison Show.
It was a pink, dance party...
and I tell you what, us middle aged, Mormon moms know how to get down.
It was the BEST night.
Seriously, we acted 20.

Just looking at these pics makes me wanna go back!
And then!
July hit!
Birthday month began!
First Celebration: 
Sushi with a few of my absolute favorite ladies.
I adore them.
And my Birthday.

And fireworks.
It was a tough year, but I think we ended with a lot of smiles!

And then....
And you know what?
It was fun.
My whole family,
and Aunt, Uncle and cousins.
We ate a lot,
went to the lake,
and took the kids on a snipe hunt that ended in REAL tears.
Great memories.
I slept by this kid,
and she kept me up all night telling me stories.
It was the best.

The Johnsons rented a jet ski and we had an absolute blast at the beach.
I now, NEED a jet ski.

After 2 weeks,
the cousins said goodbye...
But don't worry, 
they found their way back a few weeks later.
Free slurpees on 7/11.
Favorite little buddies.
The ladies and I running on the track.
This pic kills me.

Pool time.

A visit with their favorite Second cousins, and fast friends.
These 4 adore each other.
A "one week left" party at Midnight with my friends...
Katie always thinks of the details.
A minute with Candi fixing those pesky roots.
The cousins, back for one more quick visit.
Love this shot!
A Bday breakfast with a few of my favorite ladies.
Love them!
My friends threw me an amazing Bday party this year.
They are so dang good to me...
they made sure I  felt all the love I could, and it really helped fill the void.
(A few are missing)...
Dinner at Elements.
A party at my house.
We acted like really immature college kids (or maybe teenagers?)
We ate a lot,
took a ton of silly pics,
talked about all sorts of inappropriate things,
took a late night drive,
and laughed. A LOT.
It was such a wonderful night!
I have the best friends and treasure each of them so much.
The cousins, and second cousins on a rainy day at the splash pad.
We were so happy to see them one more time before they left us.
My actual Birthday was spent with the women in my family shopping and eating all day.
I am so grateful for them.
I have the funniest, kinest, strongest women in my life.
It was a great day.
And the BEST night.....
We put my moms Christmas gift to good use and went to Wicked.
Taking my girls was a dream come true.
They LOVED it,
and I loved watching them watch it.
I could go again tomorrow.
Birthday month is over...
I'm feeling the void.
I'm so grateful to everyone who went out of their way to make me smile this month.
We plan on making the next 2 weeks before school starts count!

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