Tuesday, March 11, 2014


March brings our annual trip to the Happiest place on Earth.
This year was different, of course.
But we only shed a few tears and we had as much fun as we could.
I'm so sad it's already over!
 We just love that place!

Isn't there such excitement just getting on the airport shuttle knowing
that your going somewhere far away!?
My girls ride the shuttle in style.


We invited my Mom, My Aunt Sue, and my cousin Linsey to join us.
It was the perfect group to help us laugh,
and really we laughed.
And this group of girls...well, we can eat!

We got to our hotel before our room was ready,
so the girls swam while we basked in the sun.
It was LOVELY!
Then we headed downtown for dinner.
Our first stop?
DUH.  Peanut Butter Grahams.
This was the first of many.
I wont say the amount....
 but many.

The next morning we were off to the park bright and early.
and excited!
Here they are with Linsey.
They adore her!

And I'm sorry,
but I had the cutest girls in the entire park.
Oh I love them!
The Jungle cruise.
My sister in law Amy, is obsessed with Mary Poppins.
We were so excited to get a pic just for her.
The crew.
We ate Disneyland Soup the first day.
It was strange sitting out in the courtyard without T.
We really missed him the whole trip,
but the little moments-like eating his favorite soup,
or shopping for surprises is when it really crept up on us.
Linsey was a fan.

This shot...
makes my day.
I think we have this shot...6 years running. 
It's a classic.
Also, missed Trav always having a really high score.
He put us all to shame every time.
 Sue and I wearing twinner shirts...and being pirates?  I think?

We ate breakfast at Goofy's kitchen.
It was an absolute blast.
And Disney has hired a mad hatter who is worth meeting.
He was hilarious.
I love these ladies!

Linsey found this hat...yes, Mickey's butt.
So they bought me Minnie's.  We looked like idiots, but it was just too funny.
We were called buttheads the whole trip.
We loved walking around in our minnie ears.

It rained on day 3.  Not horribly,
for the most part it just drizzled here and there and that made it really fun.
I did get caught in a serious downpour, but only for a minute.
And we ate.
We ate so much.
I can't even tell you.
I'm sick when I think of it!

Disneyland was good to us.
It's a new chapter.
And a strange one.
But we still loved it, and I know that's what T would want for us.
The next day we had big plans to go to the beach,
and the farmers market,
and hang out in LA,
but it poured.
So we ate a quick lunch in LA and then we drove around.
Sue was geeking out over rodeo drive.
And Linsey and i were just feeling pretty cool driving around in our
We tried to spot some celebrities...
but we failed.

The last night we hung around the hotel and ate some PF changs and watched movies.
It was actually really fun and kinda nice to wind down.
We were sad to be coming home!
We hold a lot of Disney memories in our hearts with Travis.
We missed him every second and wish he could have been there,
running around like he could have only done years ago.
We were so grateful that we had such wonderful people to share it with.
They made the trip special and FUN!
Till next year Disneyland.

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