Sunday, March 30, 2014

Catching Up

Here's a little catch up since my last post.
A lot has been going on!
I was able to go to the last Aggie Home Game,
and also my first since Travis passed away.
I will tell you this,
the spectrum was one of Trav's favorite places to be.
I was nervous to go without him,
but it was a great time.
(Not to mention our front row seats were kinda awesome.)
I wish he could have been with me!
I miss getting the daily updates on all his favorite teams.
I didn't even get to fill out a March Madness bracket.
These things still hurt a bit. 

My Sweet Adyson rocked the halls.
She has really flourished in 4th grade.
It's been a very good year school wise.
I'm proud to be her mom!
The ladies and I gave Trav some lovely spring decor.
It's joyful, orange, and beautiful!

Adyson baked her first pan of brownies.
It ended up all over her face,
but tasted great!
Candace and I went to bunco in complete matchy outfits.
This just makes me laugh!
About a week before Adyson's bday,
we through her a swimming party.
This was-by far- thea easiest party I've thrown!
Thank you's
Sack dinners.
A happy almost 10 year old.
Towel picnic-cute friends.
And a pool.
She's growing up so fast.
I loved that she got adorable clothes from her friends for her bday...but it's a sure sign that she's getting older!
We had one more ski day.
I love spending these days with my ladies!

I've been incredibly blessed with some great friends.
Lots and lots of really great friends.
A few of them suggested a much needed vacation,
basically to make sure I got a break and smiled for a bit.
I am incredibly blessed with wonderful people in my life.

Off we were to California.
Day 1: We shopped. And ate. And basked in the sun.

Day 2:
With no kids!
(Except we did dance, skip, sing, and laugh really maybe we acted like kids?)

Day 3: People watching in Venice.
Lunch in Santa Monica.
Beach in Malibu.
Farmers Market and Grove in LA.

Day 4:
Laguna Beach.
Shakes in Newport.
Dinner in Newport.
Newport Temple.

And then two days later, at home,
my girl went and turned 10.
I love this girl,
so incredibly much.
It was pretty hard having her b-day without Travis.
Just another reminder that he isn't here to help her grow.
I miss him.
They miss him.
And I hope I can do them justice.
My better half is gone....

we surprised her by waking her up early for breakfast at kneaders and a new outfit.
Isn't she beautiful?
And after school I threw her a family surprise party at Fredricos.
I told her we couldn't celebrate till Sunday.
She was trying really hard to be happy, but I could tell she was pretty sad that 
just the 3 of us were going to dinner.
She was thrilled to see the family there with cake and presents!
What a fun surprise.
I adore her.
Can't wait to see where life takes her.
Roo stayed home sick.
I kinda loved it.
Does this make me a bad mom?
Because I could snuggle her all day long.
This weekend was a special one.
Heather and her kids came up and we took my beautiful niece Breje shopping for her first prom dress,
and my sweet Roo got to pick out her baptism dress.
It was just such a lovely, fun-girly day!
So glad they shared it together.
Spring break started today with a blizzard...
I am racking my brain trying to come up with ways to celebrate the week off.
I hope we can make some lovely memories!

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