Monday, April 30, 2012

Sienna turns 6!

This week my little Sienna went and turned 6.
How dare she?
I keep begging them to stay little.
And they keep disobeying me.
It hurts.

We decided to throw her an all things girly spa party!
It was such fun!
I found the template for these darling invites here.
 And we chose the color scheme pink and zebra.
And by we, I mean she.
She loves pink.  And zebra.
And is begging for a zebra room re-do.
 Since it was a 'spa party', all the little ladies went home
with zebra, black or white bath rags with lotions inside.
Cheap.  And adorable.
 My absolutely fantastic friend Courtney saw that
Adyson had an amazing cake for her birthday,
and didn't want Sienna's cake to suck-(read, have me make it).
So she called the day before...
and whipped up this beauty!
A Barbie soaking in her bubble bath.
With fondant lipstick and nail polish.
and the polish looked so real that Adyson 
actually tried to open it!
I have amazing friends!

 I had a lot of help for this party, 
so it was easy and lovely.
Thank you to my mom, sister and 
adorable young women for taking stations!

They did nails.
 Make-up and Hair.
And posed for glamor shots outside.
 It was girly and lovely in every way.

 And then it was present time!
 And cake time.
It was painful to cut into that cake.
Really, it was.

 She has adorable friends!
For the past 2 weeks all Sienna has been asking for is to 
go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner so she could ride the saddle.
It was so much fun to have our families there,
and Sienna had a great Birthday!
Now if we could only freeze time!

(Notice our matching shirts?  I will blog
about the amazing, amazing fundraiser when I 
get some photos.). Stay tuned, cause it was a beautiful day!


Trisha said...

You are such a great mom :)

Mike said...

I'm sure she loved her barbie cake.