Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Kitchen Remodel}

It began with the floor.

When we were in Spain our ice maker in
the fridge leaked and damaged a good
chunk of the floor.

They were yellowing, looking pretty ugly,
and now they were lifting due to the damage.
So we made an insurance claim,
and thought we'd get a nice new floor.


They are dark, shiny, and lovely.
I can't even tell you how much I love them.
I asked Travis if it would be strange to lick them.
He said I just stare at them instead.

(Done by Carpets of America,
recommended by the very kind and talented Jason Jeppson).

I was telling my dear friend Chanelle,
(who has a passion and a knack for designing everything),
about the floors getting done.
She then stayed up all night designing my kitchen
and figuring out a way to get me more space.
I adore Chanelle for dreaming this all up!
She had the brillaint idea of taking the 'L' bar out
of my current workspace, and flipping it to create an
island. She's brialliant I tell ya. If you don't have a
Chanelle in your life, you need one.


All flipped and black! Yum.
Our cabinet work was done by our
very good friend Dave Lund at
Rivermill Cabinets.
They are fabulous.
He is fabulous.
And he is married to Chanelle,
so they are an unfairly talented pair.

Trav's only request through the entire
process was that he was getting a new sink.



We have wanted better lighting in the kitchen for years,
and since we were already doing all the work...
(which seems to be the theme of the entire remodel),
we got us some new lights.

Our kitchen feels so much warmer
and brighter now!
Our lighting was done by Eclipse Electric,
yet another talented friend and neighbor.

Our fridge was pathetic. We bought it used
when we bought the house and it was
quite literally falling apart.


The best part is that the ice maker works
once again! It's divine.
We kept most of our cabinets the same,
except for adding a yummy dark glaze to them.

The glaze just got rid of some of the yellow in the
cabinets and really made them look new again.
It was such a great easy and cheap way to update them.
A few more details.
The new back splash,
which still needs to be caulked...
And we changed a bit of paint.
(The bead board was red before).

We don't really miss this at all.
And are really pleased with the new layout.
I feel spoiled!
(This was my birthday gift from Travis).
I wonder how he'll top it next year...
I'm kidding of course.
Unless he wants to try and top it...
and then I'm totally not kidding.


Eileen said...

What a transformation! LOVE! I'm totally coming over right now. I hope you're up.

Our Family said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! I have been excited to see some pics! How fun for you :) What a great birthday present!

The Hoths said...

beautiful! I love it! I can't wait to finish ours.

Jenny said...

Oh my, can I saw JEALOUS! I love the black cabinet on the island. Awesome! Now you can get back to cooking gourmet meals and treats.

Jen said...

It is beautiful!!!! LOVE IT. LOTS :)

Trisha said...

So wonderful! Happy Birthday to YOU!

Jill said...

oh wow! i totally love it. love the new island and floors. fun fun!

Michelle said...

I love it Hay!! Cant wait to have a birthday party!!

The Wolfley Family said...

I can't even decide what I'm most jealous of! It. is. simply. gorgeous.!

Hiatts said...

I love it! Absolutly beautiful! You make me want to do more than just my floors now.

Kylene said...

Oh Hayley! I love it and am so inspired to change our L shaped bar to an island. I've wanted to figure out how to make more space in our kitchen and I totally think we could pull off switching our L around. Thanks for posting this.

Jami said...

Very Nice!

Brittney said...

*Sigh* That's it, I'm through. I just can't keep up with you.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would probably pull out my sleeping bag and sleep in it. Cozy on up to the beautiful new kitchen! Love it.

Linsey said...

seriously Hay??? you are a spoiled little shit!!!!! I love the kitchen can't wait to come up and see it myself!! It is sweet!!!