Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Checking them off}

I'm gonna ask you first, to forgive me
for the poor quality of all the pictures below.
They are awful.

That being said, in between
swim lessons,
girls camp,
golf camp,
the kitchen remodel,
and our vacation,
I'm just happy to have a few more things
checked off our danged list,
even with ugly, and in some cases,
no pictures to prove it.

Go to the Fun Park
Travis took them while I was
at mutual.
Yes, he's the best dad ever.
I hate that place...

Make Homemade Ice-cream.
We've never done it before, and it
was sooo good.
And it helps explain while I may never meet
my goal weight. :)

Sleep in a tent.
Our lovely neighbors put this out for their girls
after we all did fireworks one night and quickly learned
that if you put up a tent,
the entire neighborhood will ask to sleep in it!
It was adorable though, to see all the cute friends
piled in for games and a late night.
I was shocked that they all made it till morning!

Family Home Evening

Okay, let the judging begin.
We used to be really good at FHE.
But we kind of lost our mojo,
and our sweet kids had to have us put it on the list
for it to get done.
(Trav calls this post the blog o shame!)

That being said, we now are revved
up to keep our FHE's a weekly thing!

Trav planned a great lesson on tithing,
and after our kids asking why we
were stealing their hard earned
'art money'
from their piggy banks, they learned what was needed.
I think.

#22 on our list was to
run through the sprinklers.
They've done it about a million times.
I just always forget to capture it.

#23 was to go to lots of parks.
Also done, just without any pics.

I hope we can finish! What's left are some big ones!

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