Monday, November 30, 2009

A "few" pictures....

Um, because I uploaded this backwards...we will start at the end of the weekend.
I'm such a nerd.

Saturday night: we threw my pops a surprise party because he went and turned 60! It was so much fun to celebrate this with him. My dad is one of my biggest hero's. He is always there to support Travis and I (and all of my siblings) in everything we do. He is always here helping us out, and he adores his grand kids more than anything in the world. He deserved to have a party! And don't let his age throw you off, he's a kid. A 12 year old boy at heart.
Pops (on the right) and Kyle (dear family friend). All the grand kids made Grandpa a card. Dad was expecting touching and kind, and Trayson gave him a funny one. It said "At least your not 70". Tray was very proud.

Here is he walking in for the surprise. (See how my pics are all mixed up?)

And our friend Dani made a lovely sign (complete with red glitter).

Saturday Day: The ladies danced at Novemberfest. This was Enna bug's first performance, and I was afraid she might get scared, stand there and cry. Boy was I wrong! She got right out there, danced her little heart out and stopped about 5 times to wave and smile at us while she was out there. Precious.

My girls aren't allowed to wear make-up. Ever. (Don't mind the booty in the background....)

Adyson with friends Lexi and Lillian. (Don't you think she and Lillian are secret twins?)

Adyson did a great job too. She just made my heart melt while watching her, how is she so old? HOW?
Saturday, Noon, before the Novemberfest: We went to lunch to celebrate pops b-day. I think he loved the attention of the waitresses singing to him.

The kids just loved the dessert. Do you love Adyson's curls? Yes, I took her in public like that.

Cody and Brielle. That little one had us all wrapped around her perfect little finger. Quickly. (Isn't she just so cute?)
Thursday, Thanksgiving: Here's a little shot of Ads. She is thankful for her family, her house, and the gospel. (her words)
And I'm sure she's thankful for Kutter. These two are still bff's. We hardly see them when they are together. It's such a beautiful little friendship.
Sienna and Grandma Great. She sat like this for quite a while, and I think they both were happy about that.

Watching these two play this weekend was one of my favorite things to do. They were together constantly, playing house, or playing with tinkertoys. Brielle copies everything Sienna does, and I think Sienna really enjoys being the oldest for a change. What fun it is to watch them become friends. So lovely.

The weekend was really just wonderful. I feel so very blessed to have the family that I have, and I feel it's a bit unfair to have so many people to love. Even though Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday, I spent all of Thursday with a full heart. I have so much to be thankful for, and looking at my family reminds me how lucky I am to be able to spend a whole weekend with them, and wish for more time instead of being sick of them! And so thankful for Travis and the girls for making me so happy.
I'm just so lucky.
Did you enjoy your backwards travel through my weekend? I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!


Trisha said...

I always love it when I realize that you are posting at like 12am...makes me feel like I'm not the only one who blogs at weird hours!

I can't believe your dad is 60! He is so young at heart!

Lorinda said...

I adore your dad :) Happy birthday Mike! Your girls are pretty adorable too. Miss you lots and am looking forward to seeing you next week at Bunco! Need any help?? Let me know - XOXO

Kylene said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my backwards tour of your week! Lovely pictures and lovely girls. I'm glad you had such a great week. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Mullen Family said...

What a weekend! Glad your dad's party went so well; it looked like he was surprised! I love the picture of Lillian and Adyson. Not only do they act so much alike but they look like twins! Crazy. What do you expect when they have 2 beautiful, amazing mothers? Ha ha.

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Chanelle said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend! Your dad is cute. I love the picture with the booty, it made me laugh.

KIRSTEN said...

Your little ladies look absolutely adorible in their dance outfits. Recitals are always exciting!

Happy belated birthday to your padre! He was always such a nice man. He looks no where near his age ... he looks fabulous for 60!!

Shelli said...

Hayley, it was so great to see you finally! I have to say, the girls are just as cute in person, which I didn't think was possible. Have a great Holiday season and we'll get together next time I'm in town, promise.