Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Hallows Eve (and some other Halloween related things)

Halloween is a favorite Holiday of mine, and while I'm a bit sad that it has come and gone, I am beyond excited that Christmas is a mere 2 months away! I already can't wait.

We were able to go to the pumpkin walk with Adyson (for her first ever field trip). This was my favorite one (it's uncanny how much this pumpkin looks like the guy in the commercial, do you see it?)
Notice anything different about this picture?
Take a closer look. Yes friends, my girls are holding hands. No fighting, no teasing, and I didn't even force them. It's a beautiful, beautiful sight.
The ladies both got good use out of their costumes this year. They each had to dress up for dance, school, the ward carnival, and oh ya, Halloween. Here is Enna bug with some of her friends at school. Do you LOVE the peacock costume as much as I?

Each year Amy and I take our kids to see their Great Grandma during lunch at her assisted living home. She LOVES getting to show them off while all the other tenants look on. And they love getting to show great gram their costumes.

Do you also love Simon's smurf costume as much as I? It's awesome.

And finally, Halloween came. Here is Adyson all ready to go out and get some serious candy. (and she did get some. Seriously).
Her costume fits her to a T. And I find myself wondering how can someone who has this much crazy make-up on, and such crazy hair still look so beautiful? How? How?

Pretty Enna bug (or should I say Enna bee?) ready to go. I just love this kid!
Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Here's hoping your Halloween was fabulous, and wishing you a very happy, healthy, and swine flu free week.
Did I mention that we think Adyson has the swine flu?


Eileen said...

I love how you talk. And write. And are.

I love you.

Oh. And I love your girls too.

Candace said...

So so cute. Your girls are so adorable. I loved the peacock and the smurf, so creative!

The Hammons' said...

I LOVE to read your blog!! You are very talented in your remarks, and your girls are DARLING! I do want to squeeze your little one. Very cute post.. Sorry about the swine flu, it hit our family this weekend too. Not fun!

Lorinda said...

Darling costumes - you are a fabulous mom and very creative! So sorry about Ady :( Let me know if you need anything.

Morrells said...

Loved the Halloween pictures! Hoping that Addy is feeling better too!

Jill said...

ahh the swine flu, who hasn't had it. I swear every little kid I know has had it. I'm just hoping I don't get it. YOur girls are so cute I LOVE the clown makeup.

Michelle said...

They look so cute!!!
I love the costumes. Good job Hayley!!!

Kylene said...

I am so sad we missed the pumpkin walk this year. It is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Boo.

Your girls are cute as can be.

Josh and Kellie said...

Your girls are so cute. Sorry to hear about the swine flu. We have had it our house also. We missed the pumpkin walk because Jordan had the flu that week.