Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth Of July Weekend

This last week has been nothing short of perfection. Travis was able to take a few days off work, and we were able to spoil our girls (and ourselves) totally rotten.

I'm just broken hearted that it's over, and as I write this Monday is creeping up on me. Boo.

Wednesday Cody, my pops, and Travis were finally able to pour our patio. That in itself pretty much made our week! We were beyond thrilled that the dirt/rock hole is gone and replaced by a useful space (pics to come when it is %100 complete). Thanks Cody and Dad for all your hard work!

And being the good wife that I am, while they were pouring cement in the intense heat, I was off enjoying some delicious food and even more delicious company! The ladies, Grandma and I met with our long time friends The Ottes for some much needed catch up time. Brittney (the beauty with the dark hair) and I have been friends since we were in diapers, and it is always a joy to get to see her since she is a bit of a traitor who moved much to far away. Sigh. Her girls are darling, and it was such a nice little outing. And don't worry, I made it up to the boys by bringing home Sonic Route 44's....

Thursday our little family decided to head to Bear Lake for some sun and relaxation. As you know, we were waiting for results from the scan on Thursday, and this was so much better than the usual wait! Usually I am sitting by the phone biting my nails, and instead we were enjoying our day and not really even thinking about it! I cannot tell you how much fun it was to just spend the day basking in the sun and watching the ladies beach comb. Sea shells make them happy, and they spent most of the day searching for them, and chasing seagulls. Travis and I were just sitting in our chairs enjoying the view. They are quite cute little things. And you can't go to Bear Lake without a stop at Lebeau's, right?For fries, and fry sauce! (jealous Jody?)

Friday we had promised to take the ladies to the Dinosaur park. I know, you must be surprised by this choice of activity, it's not the most girly...but the girls had been to the one at Thanksgiving point a few years ago, and loved it and have been begging to go back. We chose the one up Ogden Canyon, and had a great time. It is really different, but we had a great time, and it was a perfect morning. After eating lunch at the Sonora Grill (YUMMO) we headed to the Brigham pool to see the Kidman clan and celebrate Tiff's B-day. Happy Birthday Tiff! We Love you!The ladies and Tiff

After a few hours of relaxing time we were off to the park to watch the fireworks. This is one of my favorite nights. It is full of family, friends, and fun. Each year we go to the same park, and sit with some of our favorite people. The kids run till they are extremely tired, we snack, and chat, and laugh, and then the fireworks start and the kids snuggle in, and it is pure heaven.

This picture kills me!

Saturday night we weren't quite ready for the Holiday to end, so we had a little BBQ and lit up the sky with some awesome fireworks of our own. Cody and Travis put on quite the show, with Cody's dancing skillz and a finale that put Fireworks West to shame! It ended up being pretty fun because some of our neighbors had some pretty great (and I'm fairly certain not legal) fireworks of their own, and we had them coming from a bunch of different angels. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend!
Sienna had a few treats...can you tell?
I feel so very blessed that we were able to spend so much time together this last week, and so thankful for my little family. It is so much fun to take the ladies places and see things through their eyes! Goodness having kids is fun!

I hope that your 4th was packed full of fun as well!


Chanelle said...

I'm glad you had such a fun packed week, it's my favorite week of the year too. Those are some really cool beach pictures too, I love them! And thanks again for my beautiful b-day gift, you are so very thoughtful!

Eileen said...

What fun! And I love your re-caps. Of anything. I'm so glad you celebrated. You put all other celebrations to shame.

Letti said...

I am jealous of your long fun weekend we only did something on Saturday. I can't wait to see pictures of your backyard and all the work you guys have done. It looks like a fun weekend. Happy Fourth!

Lorinda said...

What a nice long weekend - they really do sound like a few perfect days! I 'm excited to catch up with you on Wednesday :)

Kylene said...

It's always a party at the Kidmans! So fun to see Britt on here. :)

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a fun filled holiday weekend, your girls just make me smile, I am so glad you sat by us at church on Sunday, they entertained me the whole time, they are just too darn cute!

Kenz Gert Lawl said...

my lands, can your children get any cuter? i think not.

Tasha said...

Your kids are adorable, as usual, AND you sure make me want to be a better mom!!!