Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bugs shows and Swimming lessons

The Bug Show:
Our little Adyson has a weird little obsession with bugs.
Yes, you read correctly, bugs.

Daily, she and her friends are outside picking up ants, catching grasshoppers, and the occasional ladybug. She gets so excited each and every time she finds something and runs in to show me (and I fake my excitement, while cringing of course), and then I usher her (quickly) out the door.

If she gets a surprise at the store, it is bug related. She has the bug water capsules, the bugs that slide down glass, and has her eye on a "real" bug house.
Now I hope I've painted you an accurate picture of her love of bugs. We are trying to support this love, because frankly, it's a nice change from princesses, make-up, and dress-ups.

She was sooo very excited when the patio was finished because she had big plans for a "bug show". She talked about this show for a few days, and we weren't exactly sure what she had in mind, and figured she would forget it.

We should have known better...
One afternoon she told us she was ready, and made us come outside in the 119 degree weather.
This is what we found.
Bugs, stuffed animals, and even a few ants, all lined up in a perfect row.
And she had to have music, and goggles. Duh, both are much needed for a bug show!
"Sit down" she said. So we sat. And then the show began.
Her sweet little voice boomed with "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the bug show!"

She would take each animal and have us touch it, while telling us simple facts about them. Her favorite part, I'm sure, was having us look at the live ants she collected a few days before. (Um, they weren't moving....), but we looked, and oohed and awed. And clapped. All while sticking, and sweating, and maybe even melting.

This for her, was a dream come true. She was the complete center of attention showing us something she just adores. And while it was sofreakinhot, I had to be thankful for her sharing her love with us. Now someone tell me how we get her to continue sharing everything with us as she gets older.....

Swimming Lessons:
The ladies just finished swimming lessons for the first time this year.
Sienna, did it Sienna's way. She was comfortable in the water, enjoyed every second, and had no fear. She is uber comfortable in the water and will jump right in and go under. Her teacher said she did everything she asked without and problems, and we are so proud! Go Enna bug!
Adyson did it Aydson's way. She went without any problems, but it was very obvious from the first day that she is not comfortable in the water. I don't blame her considering she has no depth perception, but I just knew it was going to be a lot of work. While the other kids were going right under, she was barely dipping her mouth in. Lessons are 9 days, and on day 8 she finally figured out that it isn't as scary as she thought! She all the sudden understood how to breath, how to hold her breath, and how to be a bit more comfortable in the water. We were so proud watching her, but mostly, she was proud. She couldn't wait to show us her "moves", and it was so fun watching them! The best part is that today she told me that now she wants to be baptized because she's not scared to go under water....glad she is already bracing herself for something that is 3 years away! We are pretty proud of her too, Go Ads!


Chanelle said...

Go Ady! So glad she liked it after day 8- maybe I needed a few more with Avery.

I really enjoyed the Bug Show, complete with goggles! You gotta love the creativity that went into that! What fun girls you have.

Trisha said...

Great parents happily embrace everything about their children. I love listening to how you do this all the time!

Hanne and Fam said...

Ady is so creative and smart. I bet her bug show was awesome. Sienna is so much braver than both my kids together. Maybe someday I will get them swimming.

Don't stress about the paint. I'm not! Ady wasn't the problem at all and it wasn't that big of a deal.

Melissa said...

that is so stinking cute, and way to be a great mom and support her new love for life!! I love the bug show, what a creative little gal!

Lorinda said...

How darling! I wish I could go back to a time when I wasn't scared of bugs - it has shifted the other way too much! I remember being fine holding grasshoppers, and earthworms, and now, you pretty much couldn't pay me to hold them. Strange how it all changes :)

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

What an imagination! I loved the bug show and have hope that my kid will someday go under the water and learn to relax a bit too. Too cute!

The Wolfley Family said...

Do you think Ady will do a bug show encore for those of us who were too far away?! What dolls you have!

Brittney said...

Ha ha! You knew you had it coming to you Hayley- c'mon we did some really "creative" stuff of our own. I love it!

Morrells said...
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Tasha said...

Love it! The bug show is such an adorable an creative idea! (never thought I would put 'bug' and 'adorable' in the same sentence :)