Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye's and a Weekend Recap

The last few week have been crazy busy, and I am so excited for summer to get here and for life to slow down! This week we said a few goodbyes in preparation for our lazy days ahead.
Our First Goodbye was to my BIL Jody, Sister Heather, and their kids. Jody got a job for 9 months in Texas, and this week they began their very long road trip. None of us are super thrilled with their move. We have LOVED having them only 3 hours away and have enjoyed so much being able to see them so often. We are closer than most families think is healthy, so it is pretty hard on us having them move away. Thankfully time flies and they will shortly be back! They have been so busy preparing for the move while the kids are in school, playing soccer, piano and violin, that they weren't able to come see us and we weren't sure if we would see them before they moved. At the last minute they decided to stay the night at my moms and leave from her house in the morning. It was great for the kids to be able to say their goodbyes. Adyson and Kutter have quite the relationship and I think it will be hard on them to be so far apart! They are 2 peas in a pod. 2 very different peas.

After 4 days of traveling with a very sick little Brielle, Heather and Jody have made it safely to Texas. Now we are just hoping they can find an apartment quickly, and we are really hoping we can find some SUPER cheap plane tickets to Texas.... (we miss them already!)

Next Adyson said goodbye to pre-school. She was nothing but heartbroken about this. She adores her teacher (really lots) and loves school, not to mention her fear of the looming Kindergarten. Sienna on the other hand, was thrilled that Adyson is done with school. She completely understand that this means she will be able to start school next year, and even called Ady's teacher "teacher" and gave her a huge hug.

This year has been great for Adyson, and we have really loved watching her grow. I have mixed feelings about her starting Kindergarten next year. I can't wait to watch her learn, but realize how quickly the years will start coming. Sigh.
That night Adyson also said goodbye to dance. They had a mini concert where she boogied her heart out and received a trophy. She has loved her little trophy and for some reason has decided to "wash" it everyday. My battery was dead, and I have no pictures, but trust me she was cute. Trust me! ; )
And then Saturday we bid farewell to soccer. Soccer has been a pretty funny experience. She is so not the most coordinated kid in the world, and I think she kicked the ball maybe 10 times all year (maybe), but she had a blast and we are so proud of her for trying. If nothing else she loved it and at least it got her away from Sponge Bob for a few hours a week! Travis did a great job coaching too! Have I mentioned that I married a good man?
Team Sprites. Aren't they a cute looking bunch?

This weekend began with a B-day celebration with my Grandma. I just love these pics of her in her sombrero at El Toro. Isn't she beautiful? My kids adore her and we are so lucky to be able to share these days with her.

And today we celebrated Memorial day by doing much needed yard work, and taking the kiddos to Willow Park and spent the day with family. The weather was lovely and perfect, and we have just enjoyed this day all around.

Today at lunch with my parents, we somehow got talking (very appropriately) about our family history. We talked about how my Grandpa met my Grandma while he was serving in WWII in England. I learned a few things about each of them that I didn't know, and I pictured it all in my head, almost like a movie. My Grandpa died when my dad was a young boy, and I wish so much that I could have met him. It made Memorial day so much more special for me to learn a few new things about him, and my grandma, and in turn my dad. I've never appreciated the importance of Memorial Day, and am so thankful for it now. I hope that you all were able to celebrate with those you love, and remember those you've lost, and those who have fought for our Freedom.


Morrells said...

I'm sorry Heather has to move again! You've been through that plenty times before! Addy looks so grown up in those pictures! You look darling in your willow park fam. pic! I still need to get you those 1 inch pics:)

Kristen said...

Sounds like life has you as busy as ever. I love the picture of you and your family on Memorial Day. Your hair...I LOVE IT!

Letti said...

Recently my last brother moved to Texas and I was so sad. I am glad that your family will be coming back though. Little Adyson looks so cute in her cap and gown. These little ones grow up to fast. I am glad that you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

Lorinda said...

So sorry about all the goodbyes :( I guess it's a necessary part of our progression. Doesn't make it easy, though. I am glad that you had a fun Memorial Day, spent with the fam. Looked like fun. It is really wonderful to understand what we are celebrating and why. I also have a grandpa who served in WWII and died when my mom was a child, and I adore listening to the stories about him. Miss you. You look gorgeous, friend.

Melissa said...

i love that she washes her trophee, how cute is that. And, El Toro did a nice job color coordinating the sombrero with your gandma's cute outfit, I LOVE it! yummm..el's my fav!!!

Trisha said...

Heather so far away! That stinks!

I am glad that we weren't the only ones doing yard work on Memorial day!

Jas & Cam Fam said...

I too was extremely excited about A.I. results. I have been catching up on your cute blog. I love the pictures at the top. Where did you get Sienna's hat? too cute!