Monday, May 18, 2009

Boring Recap

I have nothing of note to blog about.
I've not taken a picture all week.

You'd think, being that nothing noteworthy has happened, I would have plenty of time on my hands, but for some reason I have been going from morning till night with no free time at all.!

And if you are wondering why I don't comment on your posts often anymore. It is because I am lucky to find the time to look at them, let alone comment on them! I can't wait for summer to come and life to sloooow down. (Way down!)

So instead of my normal post chuck full of the Diva's and pictures, you just get me rambling in a recap. Forgive me, and I promise not to be offended if you don't read on!

This weekend was lovely and I wish it wasn't over. Friday night, a great dinner with great people who we love. It was topped off by playing games (and winning) and a chick flick. (Travis could have done without this last part!)

Saturday we awoke early to play soccer, and our team did a fantastic job. It seemed we were matched pretty evenly with the other team, and our kids were a little less scared. Travis was like a proud papa watching them play. I think he has enjoyed coaching these little cuties and I think he will miss it when we are done next week.

Then we went to my in-laws home to Celebrate Mothers Day with my MIL. It's always so much fun to get together and I just love watching my kids play with their cousins. The girls can't get enough of them and of just being there, and they never want to leave!

Sunday I conquered a big fear of mine by teaching the lesson in RS. And though I was shaking in my heels the whole time, tearing up for half the time, and rambling for a good fourth of the time, I felt so uplifted by the amazing women in the ward. They are beautiful people.

I came home right after teaching and walked into a house full of family. Dinner was being cooked, the kids were running around outside, and I don't think I could have been happier. I just kept thinking how blessed I am to have this home, and such amazing families, and such wonderful friends. I think Spring does this to me every year. I sit back and realize how much I have to be grateful for, and just feel happy. I need to store that emotion in my pocket so when the cold snow comes back, I can find my mojo again! Now I am bracing myself for another week, and hoping that this weekend can somehow be as good as last!


Lorinda said...

So do you have a new calling as a R.S. teacher, or were you a sub? I know how everything you said, feels. Some weeks I can't figure out what I have been doing, but have been soo busy. JSYK(Just So You Know - I made that up...I think), don't ever feel like you have to comment on my blog. I honestly don't know how you have so many to look at. I don't have 1/4 as many as you do, and I have a hard enough time looking at all of them and commenting. Miss you. Love you :)

Eileen said...

Alli LOVED the scooter! I have never seen her smile so big. You made me Grandma of the Year!

And you know how I feel about your lesson. And I hope you get to take a nap today. And I hope you know how much I love you.


Trisha said...

I feel so much the nothing major is happening and yet I want to go to bed at 7:00pm everynight. Weekends are so great!

Hanne and Fam said...

I didn't get a chance to tell you how awesome your lesson was on Sunday. I rarely cry during a lesson but I cried Sunday. You did a fantastic job.
I love when you ramble on your blog. You have a way with words that makes everyone feel like they are apart of your joy. I love it!

The Drysdale's said...

Way to go on teaching. I've still not had to conquer that obstacle, and the thought of it makes me sick. So seriously way to go.

Chanelle said...

Hayley- I am so upset I didn't get to hear your lesson. Will you recap it for me another time? My grandparents were visiting from Texas so we went down to S.L. to see them. I knew you were teaching, so I was torn about when to leave, but Dave won and we left before church. I'm sure it was wonderful! That good feeling you had after church is the blessing that comes from serving everyone else through your lesson.

Melissa said...

Teaching RS is sccaarrryyy!!! I have been thinking about you, and thinking that I need to get my big butt out on the road to take walks with you!! But, being the tired exhaused gynormous pregger girl that I am right now, I seem content on my front porch (how pathetic am I?) I will admit that after my 37 week appointment yesterday and no sign of dialating or ANYTHING, I feel the need to do something to get things moving along the way!!!

Jill said...

I feel the same way (the fact that I have NOTHING worth blogging).
Good job teaching a RS lesson! That is one thing I've never wanted to do. :)

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Hey, I know about no time to blog, I get so behind! But then I get mad, I'm not going to let blogging be just another thing I "have to get done" so I just send out the love when I can. I sure love reading yours, though, so don't stop! :)