Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Special Day

Adyson has a lovely couple of weeks headed her way, and it all kicked off with her first Birthday present of the year sent by her Aunt Heather and Uncle Jody in the mail. Since it about kills Heather to be far away during special occasions, we thought we would video her opening up her gift.

Um, it was a hit...if you can't tell. She slept with it by her bed yesterday, danced to it this morning, listened to it about a million times, and took it to school today for show and tell.


Along with a lovely gift, she also had her Special Day at school today. OH BOY was she excited! Her Teacher is amazing and does a wonderful job of making those kids feel special every day, but today was just the icing on the cake.

Just before school: The anticipation is killing her!

Leading the exercises in class. She tried some awesome Windsor Pilate's moves!

The crowning of the princess: She dug this!Giving the class the low down. Her favorite and least favorite food. Her favorite TV show, favorite things to get the gist.
Here she is showing off her lovely poster. Her favorite picture? The one of her and Cinderella.

Singing a song all about her: The smile says it all.Show and Tell: Yes, it's the music box. I never thought I'd be so sick of "you can fly".Her treat of choice: Doughnuts, Purple of course.Her teacher draws a life sized picture for them to color, and Adyson takes this pretty seriously! It was such a fun day

It was a great and very special day for Adyson! We agree that she is pretty special and hope that she knows how much we love her!


Eileen said...

What a darling post of a darling girl. I know you will make her BD something very special.

And there are just not enough words to tell you how much I love my gift! Thank you!

How come there is no word verification?! I feel cheated!

Chanelle said...

What a fun day! I want a special day for ME! I would have purple donuts too. Ady is just so loveable!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

your girls are so expressive! I always know exactly how they are feeling! Happy birthday to Adyson!

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm so glad you let Ady open my gift early! Thank you for letting me watch her and see her pretty smille!

Jamie said...

First- OH MY GOSH those pictures (amp) took of your girls are AMAZING! Those two girls are so ridiculously beautiful- I can't get over it. They are so darn adorable! And happy bday to Ady! That is really the cutest idea for a bday party. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. The cupcakes...come on, really? Can I hire you for our next party?! You rock!