Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is looking for a couple of models for their website. The winner receives the whole spring line of clothing and will be used for their summer add campaign. We sure like clothes, and free I'm hoping my pretty ladies win. Head there to check it out for yourselves!
Sienna is the "picture princess", because she is full of spunk. She is beautiful and full of energy. She is as sweet as kids come. She loves the camera, she loves to laugh, and her curls are about the cutest things you've ever seen. This is one LOVABLE kid.

If I could pick a dress for my little lady from the website, I would choose the "Gumballs" dress. It is cheerful and beautiful and would fit her super cute.

Little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby go to

Adyson is the "picture princess", because she is a little beauty. She is spunky, but also has a side of her that is very sweet and soft and tender. She has a gorgeous smile and her hair is as shiny as silk. Adyson's whole goal in life is to be a real princess, so I think she would LOVE this!
If I could choose a dress for Adyson, it would definitely be the "Sonny and Cher". This dress fits Adyson's cute retro style. She is a skinny little twerp and I think this would hang on her just darling.
Little girls and girls dresses from Shabby baby, go to


Justin & Ashlee said...

They've got it down. I really think they should win!

Michelle said...

Thanks hay, they should win.
Im going to post Rheagen. Should be fun.

Guymon Family said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are to die for. Your girls are so beautiful, of course they should win. I'll have to check the site out. Very cute birthday party idea by the way, I loved the cupcakes and the games!