Monday, May 5, 2008

Our weekend in review

Our Weekend was pretty wonderful. We celebrated Trav's Birthday numerous times by playing monopoly, watching the Jazz win and then watching them lose, and eating out one to many times.

Adyson and I made Travis his very favorite dessert, banana cream pie. Adyson was so proud ans so excited to surprise her dad with it. She layered all the banana's in the bottom and then managed to lick the pudding spoon and the whipped cream spoon, lucky kid. Travis has felt pretty crappy for the last couple of weeks. His incredibly large canker (which we have nicknamed Joe), is finally starting to go away and thankfully this weekend he started feeling better. He had a great day on Saturday getting some yard work done and of course, more painting. :) Thanks for all your birthday wishes to him!

Sienna managed to get herself quite a scrape while playing outside this weekend. She had a huge bump on her forehead and has a nice scab on her nose. The worst part is neither Trav or I are sure how it happened. Yes, we are parents of the year.

Before church on Sunday Adyson and Sienna were fighting over the infamous Dora chair. They both really wanted to sit on it. When I finally got fed up enough to come and break up the fighting they had found their own solution. Sienna was sitting on Adyson's lap and Ady was rubbing her back. I love those moments when they are such great friends!


The Wolfley Family said...

Could your girls be any sweeter? Tell Ady that I'm impressed with her pie. Glad Trav is feeling a little better!

Natelli Johnston said...

oh that is so cute! that pie looked delectable!

Jami said...

I love love love banana cream pie and that one looks so delicious! Cute pics of your beautiful girls.

The McClellan Clan said...

I could just eat your girls up!! Forget the banana cream pie!!;) THey are so cute, and It just makes me want to get over there and have our girls play together!! I'm glad Travis' canker is getting better. My littles hurt so I can only imagine his big ones!!