Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday T!

Today Travis turns 33.

I wont write my usual birthday letter. It would be tearful, mushy, and I would have embarrassed myself.

Instead, you get a few fun facts about my love. 33 to be exact. I know the list is long, I mean he is 33 :), but enjoy.

1.He is competitive, not just a little, but a lot. He can't lose, even at Monopoly. (This makes life interesting because I hate to lose too!)

2.His laugh is contagious. It's a full belly chuckle. I love it. Really, really, love it.

3.He loves to golf. And has gotten a whole in one once. So he says.......Just kidding. He really did. he still glows when he talks about it.

4.He shares my total detest of tomatoes. :)

5.He adores his girls. I mean really adores his girls. They have him wrapped right around their fingers. He would do anything for them, and does his best to make them smile. And the girls love him in the same manner. They can't wait for him to come home from work, and love using him as a jungle gym. He's truly an amazing dad.

6.He loves me too. I like that about him. He always makes sure that I am okay. I like that about him too.

7.He is patient.

8.He can make pancakes much better than me. Adyson says moms are too crunchy.

9.He is honest.

10.He has a strong testimony, making mine stronger.

11.He is a fighter.

12.He served his mission in Madrid, Spain. Someday we hope to go back!

13.He loves a good roast. Which makes vegan life a bit hard.

14.He can sing. Sadly, much, much, much better than me.

15.I cut his ear once while cutting his hair in Beauty School. He kept coming back.

16.He loves to take his wedding ring off and spin it and I just know one day he will lose it.

17.He loves to watch sports. I mean all sports. And ESPN. Always ESPN.

18.He's colored my hair once. That's a whole other post. Stick to computers T. Stick to computers.

19.He very rarely swears. I wish that would rub off on me.

20.He is selfless.

21.He talks with his hands. Especially while driving.

22.He loves to work.

23.And he works for everything we have.

24.And we have plenty.

25.He hates shrimp. Crazy boy.

26.But he loves Dr. Pepper. Crazy boy again.

27.He sucks at doing the laundry. I think he may suck on purpose so I stop asking him to do it...

28.He has loads and loads of faith. I wish I could have some.

29.He is a morning person.

30.He is seriously amazing.

31.He truly is a computer geek.

32.He kisses me goodbye every morning. I seem to sleep through it most of the time. But he still does it. I dig it.

33.He obviously is going through a lot right now, and does it with the most amazing attitude. He never acts too tired or too sick to be with us.

I love you Travis and can't wait to spend MANY more Birthdays with you.


Justin & Ashlee said...

You are so sweet. What a great Birthday tribute!

Chris, Hannah & Ava said...

Happy Birthday Travis! I'm so glad you make my dear friend so happy! I was skeptical at first, but you've come through in a bigger and better way than I could have imagined! p.s. tomatoes are one of God's greatest creations . . . i think you both should give them a second chance . . . just a little bit of sea salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and a pinch of basil . . . pretty close to heavenly!

Kristen said...

I love that you notice the little things. Far too often I let those little things about my husband go unnoticed. You have a fantastic birthday Travis!!! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Travis!

laci said...

That was so cute Hayley. But you two are crazy for hating tomatoes!! CRAZY.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Happy Birthday to Travis!! And just so you know, Chris and I both don't like tomatoes either. I think that is very important in a spouse! ;) I thought of you the other day when I heard that Bryan Adams song that was in the Robin Hood Prince of Theives movie....Remember when we went and saw that in 5th grade???!! We thought Christian Slater was SOOOOOO hot! ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Travis! I did not give birth to you but you are in my heart as if I did! I love ya tons and I am proud of Hayley that she chose you and am proud of you both for your faith and your love. I am proud of the parents you are and for the love you have for all of us! I am glad we get to celebrate tonight! Mom Linda

Jamie said...

All kinds of birthdays at your house! Happy late bday to your baby Sienna and Happy bday to Travis! Cute tribute to him, that was fun to read! I hope it was a fun day!

Troy and Cami said...

way cute post, i love the facts, and the darling pictures, your blog is alwasy so fun to look at, good job.

Natelli Johnston said...

so I guess you won't want some of my wight loss tomato plant then. how was the party? can you not sleep?

Amber Culp said...

Happy Birthday Travis. That is such a sweet post Hayley. Many more to come!!

mortonfam said...

Happy, happy birthday, Travis dear.

Haueter Photography said...

Cute post. Happy Birthday Travis.

Quinn and Melanie said...

You two are meant to be together!! You two compliment eachother so well and you both HATE tomatoes... soul mates for sure!! I love how sweet you are. Sounds like you are pretty darn blessed! I was also gonna let you know I am going private so if you wanna keep updated shoot me an e-mail at

Guymon Family said...

That's awesome Travis and Chris have the same Birthday! Very cute post. I also have to agree with you on the tomato thing, the only way I enjoy a tomato is in sauce! Hope you had a great day Travis, and also wish you many, many more!

Bre said...

what a sweet post! Happy birthday Trav!

Morrell's said...

What a fun Birthday post! Happy Birthday to Travis! Chase spins his ring whenever we are playing cards, it drives me nuts! I love that he kisses you every morning!

Matt & Jill said...

Happy B-day Travis!!!

Matt & Jill said...
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Dustin & Ashley said...

Hayley you are SO sweet. seriously you and Travis are adorable together. You do SUCH a great job with your blog. Your girls are the cutest things ever! They both have their own little personalities, I love it. Thanks for the invite to the lunch- sorry I couldn't make it! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Melissa said...

you guys are too cute.

The McClellan Clan said...

how in the heck, you have 21 comments already!! Wow YOU ARE LOVED, so is Travis!!
Happy b-day from someone he doesn't know, but that is a cute toast!!

Erica said...

Hi Hayley-- about the cafe rio recipe.. it makes 3-4 servings. I would triple it for 12 people. Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for checking out my blog! --Erica (

Cody & Ashley Godfrey said...

I'm glad you felt good this weekend so you could REALLY enjoy your birthday. I know it's late, but Happy Birthday to you!!

Aaron & Mindy said...

It's your Birthday shout Hooray!!!
Happy Bday Trav. Loved the post Hayley