Monday, December 29, 2014

{Lots of Christmas Fun}

Each year in December we try to do something special to celebrate the Season...
this year I was totally off my game and we had multiple makeup days...but we squeezed in a lot of fun!

This was one of my favorites-The Christmas Village in Ogden.
It was darling!  The girls and I loved it and the weather totally worked for us this year.

We got a screening of Juanito Bandito-and it was hilarious like always.
We have such great talented friends in Erin and TJ!  
The girls were thrilled to see their friends there and ditched me the second we walked in...
So I was thrilled to find some great friends of my own in my old 15th ward buddies. So fun!

One night we watched Roo Dance and then grabbed Gingerbread Cookies and Hot Cocoa and went for a Christmas light Scavenger hunt.  It was a blast!  I can't tell you how much I cherish those moments when my kids open up and just chat about everything.  Love them!

One day I snuck the girls out of school early and we hit the slopes for the first time this year.  It was a blast!  I love watching them learn new things and they are just so fun to hang with!

That night we went to my moms and the ENTIRE fam came up for our early Christmas Eve party.  I look forward to hanging with my siblings so much and it was an absolute blast.

I had to snap a pic of the girls in their Disney attire.
My darling parents gave all the grand kids baskets of Disney for our upcoming trip.
Clothes, money and coupons for lots of fun things to do while we are there.  The girls were thrilled!

Adyson got an award at school for being a leader in her class and a great friend to everyone.  When Travis died I was (and still sometimes am) worried about how my girls would do without him.  I am always amazed at how they seem to excel and find joy and keep smiling.  I am truly blessed with great kids!  Good job Adyson!

Christmas Eve morning the girls woke up to their usual gift from Mrs. Clause... .a new shirt to wear for the day.  The older they get, the more excited they get about this tradition.  I think she will continue to deliver even when they are old and married. :)  Poor Sienna woke up to a VERY sore throat and was pretty miserable, but we made the best of the day.  We had the Johnson clan over for dinner, games and treats and it was a really beautiful Christmas eve with lots of smiles.  Before bed we put some luminaries on Trav's grave, said prayers, opened jammies and I tucked my little goof balls in bed before Santa came.  It was a VERY sleepless night with one sick Roo (who needed a bath at 1:30 am), one excited Adyson who tried to wake us up at 4 and 4:30...and one tired mom who crawled into bed the first time about 20 minutes before Roo woke up sick...but Christmas Eve will always be my favorite night of the year and we made the best of it.

Santa Came, and he delivered more then any of us deserve:).

The second pic down is my stash.  My cute mom took the girls shopping and they bought my gifts with their own money, and wrapped it all.  Again, I was touched by how great my kids are!

Adyson got a microphone, camera, clothes and lots of grown up girly things.

Roo got a glow in the dark soccer ball, BOOKS galore, clothes and another loopsy for her collection.
And Santa brought SNOW!  BEAUTIFUL snow.  We were so happy to have a white Christmas!

Adyson got combat boots, plaid, and a beanie and when she threw it all on  I was transported to the 90s...she's killing it.

We've enjoyed the last week and spent some more time at Beaver, and Grandpa came to spend the day with us....

It's been a great break so far!  We've felt very loved and blessed and enjoyed each other immensely.
We are all so grateful for a reason to spend time together, and for a season to remember the birth of our Savior!

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