Monday, February 3, 2014

{Since Christmas}

We've built a very, very small snowman.  But adorable.
These two get older daily. 
And more beautiful.
And I'm completely smitten by them.
We are still missing him.
(Miss doesn't really describe it.  More like ache.)
But when I find gems like the one below I fall in love with my husband all over again.
I mean, Look at him.
He's handsome and just as smitten with these girls as I am.
Ache I tell you.
We've spent a lot of time up at Beaver Mountain.
We also really love that place.
The ladies picked out some lovely decor for Daddy's grave.
Only they could find animal print....
I'm sure T loves it.

More skiing.
This time with Cody and Linsey...we were only missing Sean 
and our little gang from childhood would have been complete.
It was lovely.
And these girls,
they've moved up from beginners to level 3 skiers.
If I could take T back,
I would. 
In a half a heartbeat...
we are doing the things we weren't able to do before.
Skiing was something he wanted them to learn because I love it so much.
I'm sure he is so proud of them!
Superbowl Sunday was spent with mom doing makeovers.
Roo got highlights.
And somehow became a supermodel overnight.
And this one got a huge haircut!
And turned 16?

I can't even handle how gorgeous they are.
Heaven help me!

The girls found these Valentines from Daddy this week.
I am so happy they have them.
And really jealous that I don't have one...

What a good Dad they have.

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