Monday, February 17, 2014

Conferences, The Catan Olympics, Valentines Day

We had Parent Teacher Conferences a few weeks ago.
I was a little nervous that because life has thrown these loves a complete curve ball
things wouldn't go great,
but once again,
they've proven me wrong.
I am so proud.
They are both getting wonderful grades,
and better then that,
I was told they are kind, happy, and really great kids.

I agree.
I'm so proud of them for working so hard and for being able to overcome so much this year.

Sienna had this darling book hanging by her room.
It just made my heart ache for her.

(Front Cover-self portrait-My big moments of 2013)
My heart.  It aches and breaks.

We had a week completely buried in snow.
We fasted and prayed for moisture,
and we got it!
It was beautiful.
And a week later it's completely gone.
What a strange few weeks we've had.

The other day we were at my moms house and my brother had a grand idea.
The Catan Olympics.
Bless his heart.
He made medals from scratch...
We hummed the Olympic song,
and played the game with some embarrassingly intense longing to win.
Oh, and yes...I'm a gold medalist.
Don't be jeal.

Travis would have loved this.
He would have gotten the gold and I missed him!
Also, so glad my family finds ways to make life happy.
I love them so much.

I was pretty excited to chop my hair off and get some new color.
It always feels great to change it up!

Valentines came and went.
I wasn't greatly excited for it.
It's not that I care a whole lot about the holiday,
but not having Travis here made it much less happy.
I threw myself into crafting to get through it!
I missed him.
I miss him.
I love him.

I told the girls they could choose where we went to dinner.
Duh, they always choose Olive Garden.
When will I learn.
I adore my little valentines and they remind me of how blessed I am!
I found a Valentine From T a few days before the big day.
That made me smile, and made my heart melt.
I have some pretty amazing friends and family.
They always, always, always go above and beyond for me.
They spoiled me for Valentines Day and helped ease the burden.
I appreciate them sacrificing so much for me.
And one more..
because I can't help but think she's the most beautiful little 7 year old.
I adore her.


Jeniel Coombs said...

Wow you are beyond strong. I don't know if you even remember who I am but you are truly an inspiration to me and my family. My heart aches for your loss. I can't even fathom the pain you and your beautiful girls have endured. But I admire you more than you know. Thanks for sharing your story and private feelings, it truly makes me grateful for what I have thank you!

Trisha said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love you ladies!