Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A doozy.

 I hate that I am so incredibly behind on my blog.
I have loved looking back over the years and am so grateful that 
I have such a great record of my little ladies growing up.
The past few months have been incredibly bitter sweet for our family.
I'm including all the sweet below.
It's a doozy.

The end of school brought some fun activities for Adyson
including this darling working wishing well.
 We tried to enjoy the last few weeks of school before
it got much too hot and went for lots of bike rides.
 Which often included a stop at the store for a treat..naturally.

 Soccer ended.
I love this shot of Sienna and her best friend.
They had the best team this year and went out with a bang!
 Ady and T had her activity days daddy/daughter date.
Such fun.
 Which left Roo and I to grab our favorite salad.
We have such great kids.
 We ended Tavaci and the ladies put on quite a show!
We were proud beaming parents.
It's embarrassing, really.

 Adyson played the part of a rowdy 3rd grader in her class opera.
She nailed it.
 The girls took a quick trip to my sisters,
and Adyson managed to eat an entire cow.
How she isn't obese?
 The ladies also had their dance recital.
 Again...we were the proudest parents.
I dread the day they ask us to 'tone it down a notch.'
 Adyson's teacher held a late night party at the school till
10:00 pm.
They had some fantastic games....look at her stuffed full of balloons!

 While she was there we took Roo for her first pinks trip.
In her fur coat...because what else do you wear there?
Oh, and underneath...matching jammies.
Totally made her night!
And then the last day of school came.
I know.  They are gorgeous.
And smart.  And sweet little ladies.
I love watching them grow.
And also, hate it.
You know?
Roo got her first case of summer croup about 3 minutes in...
The girls have spent so much time with
their friends this summer.
We have felt pretty lucky to have such great friends close by.
The girls didn't even realize that we didn't go anywhere exciting,
or do anything incredibly exotic, because they were enjoying 
all their friends so much.

 And occasionally, I would force them to hang with me.
Poor souls.
 We've snuggled.
 And worked.
Adyson schemed all summer to make a few bucks.
And thank goodness! 
We got to see the Wolfleys for a quick visit!
We spent a few great hours shopping together,
just the girls.
Only missing Amy and Lucy.
 We've spent some great family time too.
Dinner at our favorite restaurant for T for fathers day.

 And the ladies have become fish.
I mean,
They have spent hours and hours practicing.
It's so nice to feel like they are safe in the pool! 
Adyson, especially has taken a liking to swimming,
and is working really hard to be able to join the swim team.

 Forcing them to be my friends for a minute...
T and I even went on a date.
It was slightly awkward that the only other people in the theater
were "the Golden Girls."
How old are we?
 We've been here a few times.
Ummmm. just a few.
 And karaoke night!
Read about it on the old C blog.
 More swimming in one of my best friends- moms pool.
Heaven.  Pure heaven.

 And more swimming at the ward swim night.
With all the cousins (but Tray:()

Fireworks on the 4th.
One of our very favorite nights.

 Adyson left us for a day camp for church.
It made me feel old. 
And her look old.

And on the 24th we had quite the fireworks show at our house.
It was seriously amazing.

 Travis got a craving for a really good burger.
And we drove him an hour to get it.
If he wants it...he gets it!
 Sienna opened our back yard spa this summer.
Trav spent many, many nights-just like this.
She loved it.
More pinks?
We have a problem folks.
 Ladies who lunch.

 Adyson slept till 11.
I kid you not.
 One of my favorite nights of the summer.
All my siblings playing games,
eating, telling dirty jokes, and laughing.
I love them all so much.

 My cousins, Aunt, and Mom surprised me with a fabulous lunch 
because Trav and I couldn't make it to the family reunion.
It was just so lovely.
July came!
You know what that means?
B-day month.
And my friends and family made it very special.

My gifts from my love.
 Lunch with some of my favorite, favorite people.

 Another lunch with my ladies....32.
 Dessert with Rind and Cal.
I couldn't possibly love them any more.
 And lunch with my highschool friends.
Incredibly kind of them to take me out and think of me.
I felt so loved.
The ladies did make it to the family reunion.
They came home caked in dirt and incredibly smelly...
but man, they had so much fun!

We started feeling sorry for ourselves that we hadn't left the house
all summer except to go to the hospital...
so we surprised the girls with a quick overnighter in Salt Lake.

We had the incredible pool all to ourselves.
We spent a few hours at Temple Square.
And at City Creek, where we loved the fountains.
The next morning we woke up for a quick city breakfast.
And then took the girls to the aviary.
It was so lovely and just what we needed.
We really love eachother.

 Can't you tell?

We've been promising the girls one on one dates for...ever...
so we finally did it just before school started.
And we had so much fun with our kids!
One on one time is definitely something we will do more often. 

And just a few days before school started,
we finally made it to Bear Lake with our neighborhood friends.
It was a lovely, lovely day.

 And now, 
the real world has begun.

I gave Roo a few back to school highlights.
She says she's now a "total blondie!"
 And Adyson made me cut 6 inches off.
And I kinda love it.
 And back to school.
The ladies were sooo incredibly excited!

2nd grade.
Oh how we love her.
Happy, spunky, dramatic, smart, confident Roo.
And 4th grade.
We adore her too.
Kind, caring, sensitive, smart, and spontaneous Adyson.
She is full of surprises.

Each day we are so grateful for our little ladies and how they
truly help us forget the hard stuff and focus on happiness.
We are hoping that this year brings lots of joy for them!

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