Friday, May 3, 2013

{Wrapping up the year, Roo turns 7}

This is what we've been sneaking in during all that fun stuff you've read about
on the 
Even with all the absolute craziness,
we've fit a lot in!

Trav brought me this lovely running jacket from Augusta.
I am a fan.
And feel pretty official.
The ladies have been enjoying the sun.
Me too.

And we are wrapping up dance classes for the year.
I love this shot of them doing chores before class.
I love having 2 girls!
We have had a round of the flu.
It lasted forever.
And Roo began soccer.
Look at that sweaty red face!
I took the ladies some Subway to school the other day 
to let them know Trav was improving.
I hadn't spent much time with them at t his point,
and it was sheer heaven to get a few minutes with them!

Roo keeps improving in soccer.
Is she the cutest goalie ever?
And speaking of Roo.
She went and turned 7!
Oh man.
This girl,
she is such a beautiful, happy child.
She makes us smile and laugh all day long,
and I cannot imagine life without her!

For her b-day we snuck T out of rehab.
It was joyous!
The whole family together for a full 4 hours!

We ate at the Olive Garden.
Duh!  What else would this noodle lover pick?

And we watched her play some soccer.
It was heaven.
An absolute beautiful moment for us to all sit and be together in the sun.
well she was in heaven too.

Roo got a bike from her Grandparents,
and look at that basket my friend made her. So cute!
She also got a scooter from her other Grandparents,
so she is set for playing outside all summer long.

A few days before her B-day,
we decided to throw her a surprise luau party.
I threw it together in one day.
Yes one day.
But thanks to some really great friends,
it came together and she loved it!
Here she is coming in.
Her friends were so excited and she was thrilled.

Siennas bff's mom made her a cake.
I seriously texted her about the party at like 2 on Friday,
and she whipped this up by 2 on Saturday.
Sienna loved it.

And then we cut into it.
I died a little.
Look at this thing!
 We made some pretty cute hibiscus crafts and colored some darling luau girls.

We played hoola hoop races,
raced dressing up like hula girls,
opened gifts,
and ate cake.
It was easy and wonderful.

I love her friends.
They are all just adorable, sweet little girls.
It was such a fun quick party to celebrate our sweet Roo.
We love that kid!


Eileen said...

I'm so glad that I came by to "photo bomb" the surprise party. Cutest.Party.On.The.Planet!

Brittney said...

Ok, so maybe it's best we don't live near you. My girls would come to one of your girls parties and wonder what in the smack was wrong with their inept mother. You are so amazing! And your hair. Oh. My. I'm love lovin' the locks.