Thursday, September 1, 2011


Little Roo started Kindergarten today.
I'm unsure how she is old enough for this.
She's my
But she was ready, that's for sure.
Adyson started a week ago
and it's been rough for Sienna to have to wait.
We had a countdown.
And lots of jealous tears.Most of which were caused because she wanted
to wear her new back to school clothes.
She does look adorable, yes?Last Year
This Year.

I'm gonna miss spending so much time with her.
She is really such a sweet tenderhearted kid
with a BIG personality!
She is always dancing, bouncing, and willing to play.
She's a smart kid and is gonna love this year!


Jill said...

she's adorable!

Hiatts said...

Her smile just makes me want to smile. I am glad she finally got to start.

Bre said...

she looked very very adorable and very grown up! I was very excited to find out that she was in Corbans class especially since my decision was VERY last minute! Corban was very jealous as well! your girls are beautiful and you are as well! It was super good to see you today!

Eileen said...

I was hoping we'd hear all the details. And photos.......well, we always need photos of Roo!

The Wolfley Family said...

My heart is breaking just a little bit. She's so grown up!

The McClellan Clan said...

Oh how I wish we lived closer!! WE have 2 girls in the same grade!! So cute they would be together I just know it!!!! She is a doll. I LOVE your girls!!