Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{As of Late}

My Goodness life is busy!
I had forgotten that when school begins..
homework begins.
And Dance class.
And Tavaci.
And Piano.
And I'm sure we've only just begun.

Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to.

Sienna and I joined Ads for lunch the other day.
She was very excited to see us....
and then chatted with her new best friend Kate
and ate as fast as she could so she could get to recces.
We felt very appreciated!
(Really, so glad she is loving school
and isn't homesick for all.)

We packed up last weekend and headed
to Park City for a little getaway.
We walked around Main Street
Friday night and ate dinner and then made a stop
at the Chocolate Factory for dessert.

And for breakfast Saturday morning...
T and I looking completely smashed.

We drove around the city for a bit
and then surprised the girls with the
Alpine Slide and Mountain Coaster.

They were nervous!

(Before we headed up the lift).
They made us promise we would use the brakes,
a lot.

And then as soon as we started going down the slide
they both wanted to go FASTER!
It was a complete blast.
The ladies laughed the entire way down.

After shot...aren't they cute?
Here we are headed up the coaster.
They adored this too,
it as just so much fun!
They asked right about here if we could go
a few more times.
Love taking these ladies to do new things.

The girls got out their flower box out the other day
and attacked poor dad while he was trying to relax.
I think he looks FABULOUS though...don't you?And lastly, Roo decided she wanted straight hair
for school the other day.
I think she looks lovely.But I adore her curls! Adore I say!
This week we are finishing off the last 2 items on our
summer checklist.
Better late then never!


Hiatts said...

So much fun! We just love park city!@

Candace said...

Love Park City! I'm glad you got away and had fun, you guys so deserve it.

The Fluckiger Family said...

Looks like a fun getaway! What a good daddy Trav is!

Eileen said...

I love peeking into your wonderful life. And your Diva's.............well. LOVE.

Trisha said...

Such fun!

Kami Jo said...

such a cute little fam!! odd request, would you please do a tutorial on how you do your daughters hair in the side twisty pony?!?!?! i just adore it each time you do a post with it.