Saturday, September 18, 2010

{Friday Happenings}

Lets pretend this picture is at the second half of this post...because blogger is sucking and wont let me move it.

This year the schools fund raiser was a Fun Run for the school. Each student picked a certain amount of times they would run around the track , and had people donate money to sponsor them.

Adyson was excited about this. She called everyone she could think of and begged them for their money. So these pictures are for you dear family, who my kid so impolitely pleaded for your hard earned money. She's lucky to have so many people willing to help her!
Adyson, Gracie, and Hannah.
She ran the first lap the whole way, and made it most of the second lap before her and Gracie "decided it would be easier" to walk... Um, yes.

Right after we left the fun run we went straight to get Daddy and go to ICON's lagoon day. The ladies called it the 'best day EVER.'

Last year Sienna called Lagoon either Magoon, or Gagoon. This year when we pulled up she said so excitedly, "Oh, I LOVE this Goon!"

She kills me.
And you can bet we've been repeating it ever since.
ICON Lagoon day is awesome because you very rarely have to wait in any lines. The kids just go on ride after ride.

Sienna and daddy on The tidal wave. She held her arms up the whole time.
Ads and I.
When I asked Adyson which was better, Lagoon or Disneyland, she really had to think about it before answering.

So I've written her a little reminder letter about how Disneyland trumps all things, but Lagoon? Yes, always.

Dear Adyson,
Remember yesterday when we were in a very deserted area of the park, and we walked upon the very drunk couple fighting? You remember, the wife was yelling at her husband for putting another ladies number in his phone. Then Daddy and I held you and Sienna's hands really tight, and we walked really fast, and she yelled at me, "would you let your husband put another ladies number in your phone?"

And then we practically ran.

Adyson, Lagoon brings out the crazies.
Disneyland seems to find the more normal family bunch.

Also, Lagoon has Arby's. Which is fine on some days.
But Disneyland has this soup...remember?

And Lagoon might have the octopus ride,
But Disneyland has Splash Mountain.
And Minnie Mouse.
And Pirates of the Carribean.
And the amazing Toy Story ride.
And Fireworks.
Oh Adyson, the list is so long.
Never forget.

Twas a lovely day.
The end.


Chanelle said...

I just love that picture of you and Ady, and the one of Trav & Sienna. You guys couldn't be any cuter! And Avery calls it Magoon too:)

KIRSTEN said...

What a busy day ... I need a nap just reading about it haha! I forgot about the great tidal wave ride at Lagoon. I am totally not a thrill seeker, and me and that ride do not have good memories :) I too, think that DL is much better!

Trisha said...

Ha ha! I love watching the people at Lagoon. It's hilarious! And scary too. Fun update as always.

The Wolfley Family said...

I'm positive we sponsored the cutest runner/walker out there! And I'm totally jealous of your "Goon" day-- scary people and all!

The Falkers said...

Let's pretent...LOL! Looks like fun! Your kids are adorable!!!

Candace said...

I love the letter. You know I am with you all the way. You are hilarious. Glad we are friends. BTW look at the time it's 3:13 AM. I've turned into you!