Monday, July 12, 2010

The Treehouse Museum

Friday we took the ladies to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.
Sienna told her friends all day the day before we were going to the "maseam".
We had a fabulous time. If you haven't taken your kids yet, you must. I think there is something there for every age, and it's just a safe, fun, kid friendly zone. And they learned a lot while there too.

Adyson, naturally, LOVED all the art things she was able to do. She could have spent hours at each station drawing.
Here they are with Daddy drawing some heros.
And here is Sienna showing off her explorer boat. (Ady, in the background drawing.)
Adyson loves all things science as well, so much she asked for a microscope for her b-day last year, so she really enjoyed dressing up in her Doctor coat and checking out their much bigger scope and slides.

Sienna really loved the music room, but honestly, she loved it all. She explored every single thing in every single room. What a fun day she had.
The ladies in the "Oval Office".
Can you imagine?
Adyson learned a lot about the former Presidents of the United States last year in school. They have all of their pictures hanging on the wall, so we quizzed her a bit. When asked who George Washington was, she responded "President Hinckley". But she did get Abraham Lincoln right, and this time when asked what he did, instead of saying he freed the "Slayes", she got it right.
Best picture of the day. The ladies dressed up as pirates giving me their meanest faces. You are scared, aren't you?And this picture is just for you Amy. Travis is standing on the Island of Alaska....:)

Adyson sitting on the throne. She looks quite dignified, yes?Trav and the ladies getting ready to go down the treehouse. Adyson dressed as a caterpillar, Sienna as a butterfly. They both were big, huge fans of the treehouse.

The main floor of the museum has a whole bunch child size houses from a bunch of different countries. Sienna ran right in to this China house and dove right on top of the huge panda bear. I tried to not think about all the germs on that thing, and snapped a quick pic.

They also have a life sized cow that you can actually milk there. Adyson went right up and started milking it and Sienna looked at Travis and asked if it was peeing.
We laughed, hard.
Then Adyson was telling a friend all about it, and told her she milked the cows "gutters".
We laughed hard then, too.
Love my girls. They sure make me smile.


Eileen said...

This looks quite fun. Is it better than the one at Gateway?

Sickening. I now love that word. I shall have to incorporate it in my daily vocab.

I'm thinkin' you should post a pic of the new couch and the new bed.

Soto family said...

I'm thinking about taking a trip to alaska. I've always dreamed about an island get-a-way! LOVE YOU AMES!!!! :)

Trisha said...

I love this place!

Amy Johnson said...

Joke is going to be on all of you when someone discovers the hidden island of Alaska one day! Who will be laughing than????....huh????

Lorinda said...

We have always wanted to go there and haven't yet...your pictures have inspired me! Darling pics and I love the comment about President Hinckley! Can't wait to see you tonight!