Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Snapshots of the weekend}

Memorial day weekend was lovely. Heather and Jody and the kids came to meet Miss Lucy. (Have I mentioned how much we love this little lady?) The kids just played outside all day long. There is nothing funner then 8 little kids, all getting along and forming such beautiful frienships. I loved my cousins so much growing up, and still have a great relationship with them. It's fun to see my kids forming those same bonds.

Sienna getting ready for a picnic at Gma's and Gpa's.
Brielle had a birthday the week before they came, so we had a fun little celebration for her. Is she not the cutest 3 year old, ever?

Trayson, growing up to be so very handsome.

Adyson loved having Breje there to do her makeup. She like makeup more then she should!

My mom bought a fun ring for the trampoline, and I think it's the best thing she's ever bought. The kids jumped all day long, safely.
Kutter, flying high.

Breje, who also had her a birthday just before coming (and turned 13!), had blond hair when she got here. We darkened it up and put in a few chunky blond pieces. She looks gorgeous. What a great "teenager" she is!

Simon, enjoying the cheesecake off his face.

It was a great weekend, and as always when the Wolfley clan leaves, we all find ourselves wishing they lived a little bit closer.


Trisha said...

I just got that same blue dress for Haven that Sienna is wearing in the first picture :) We have good taste.

Amy Johnson said...

Love love love all the great pics!

The Wolfley Family said...

We have some beauties, don't we?