Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Camp, Summer fun, and Fathers Day...

{Art Camp}
Adyson attended Art Camp at the AVA this summer. If you know Adyson at all, then you know that she could (and does) spend hours, and hours doing art projects around the house. Art camp was like a dream come true for her. She came home so excited about every single project she did, but the clay was by far her favorite. She chose on her own to make a little family of snails. Aren't they the cutest?
And was quite proud of her little fish.

The last day they had an "Art show" where they displayed all their art work, and put on a program where they sang some songs they learned and showed us a few dance moves. I will for sure be signing her up again next year! And Sienna will be old enough to join her.

She was able to take with some of her best friends. I love these girls.
A little video of her singing, she gets pretty into it!

Goodness how we have already loved this summer! I thought I'd be ready to send the kids back to school by now, but I'm just in heaven with no schedule, and our lazy fun days. Here's a few things we've been up to.
Swimming Lessons. The ladies love them, and are getting really comfortable in the water.
Sienna just wants to be outside, all day, every day. She just wanders the neighborhood with whoever she can find to play with. She's so much fun!Adyson spends most of her time riding her bike, and usually riding it with that huge grin on her face.Don't forget driving the jeep around. They still really, really love it. A lot.And we've had the occasional concert in the front yard. (Wearing the helmet, natch).We've busted out the slip-n-slide a few times, and Sienna is smitten with it. She has all sorts of funny moves while sliding. Me and Travis just have to laugh while watching her.The neighbors have had their pool underneath their slide and Adyson spends as much time as she can over there. She's a big fan.
We still have loads of fun things to do this summer, and I'm really enjoying the relaxing pace it brings. I really hope that the girls have the type of summer that I remember from my childhood.
{Fathers Day}
Our Fathers Day celebration started on Saturday this year when we met the Kidmans at Willow Park to celebrate with my Father in law Larry. The girls always love Willow Park, and had such a great time looking at the animals and mostly playing in the park.
This is my FIL Larry. I just love Larry. He is such a kind hearted, warm person. He adores my girls and is a great grandpa to them, and is wonderful to Travis and I. And I think Adyson inherited his blue eyes...don't you agree?
For Fathers Day the ladies and I got Travis an outdoor fire pit to roast marshmallows on and to sit around on lazy summer nights. We filled it with a few of his favorite things, Dr. Pepper, Twix's, marshmallows for roasting, and even some Dr. Pepper Popsicles. The ladies were very, very excited.They sure love their dad. And so do I. He's just good through and through. So good.Sunday we made his favorite dessert while the sunset. Mini Banana Cream Pies. The ladies love them almost as much as dad does.Then we started the fire and got ready to roast the mellows. Can you feel the excitement?Adyson pronounced this the "Best Day ever". So I guess the fire pit was a success.

My dad just happened to be fishing during Fathers Day, so I don't have any pictures of him to post, but must add that I could not have asked for a better Dad. I adore him. He still takes great care of me, and is always here when we need something, anything. He loves my little ladies and never complains about them tearing apart his house, and being much too noisy at all hours of the day. Thanks Dad. For everything. I sure love you.


Eileen said...

My heart feels warm. And yes, I'm sluffing church.

Kristen said...

my have some awesome picture taking skills! So glad you're enjoying your summer so far.

Trisha said...

Your pictures are great!

Brittney said...

I agree with the others, the pics are so awesome! Love it. So fun!

The Wolfley Family said...

I think it's your girls that are so awesome -- your husband's not too shabby either!