Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{Weekend Update}

I love weekends. I mean really, really LOVE weekends.
It seems as soon as Monday comes I am already counting down till Friday.
Anyhoo, here is the sum up of our lovely weekend.
Saturday was Health Days (Smithfield's glamorous celebration). We woke up bright and early to attend the parade.
The ladies love any excuse for candy.

We kept wondering why we weren't still home asleep...
After the parade Travis spent a good chunk of the day putting weed tarp down in the flower beds, weeding, mulching, and redoing all of the flower beds. He's been working REALLY hard to get it all done before he started his radiation. He knew it would be tough to do after due to the rib pain. I am so thankful to have a husband who works so hard for us!

A few weeks ago we got curbing all along the outside of our house and we are so happy with the outcome! There is still a little work to do, but it is coming along nicely.

My Dad and Cody have been here helping out a lot. We are so grateful for family who is always willing to help us out. While Trav and Cody poured some cement on the side of the house (to make a sidewalk and garbage can nook), my dad fixed our steps on the deck. They used to be open so you could see the weeds growing through the bottom. We still have to get some lattice put around the outside and stain it, and the deck will be done.
We took a little yard work break to head up to the fair grounds and watch our favorite little cowboy attempt the mutton busting. Is Simon not the cutest cowboy you've ever seen? And he's smart too, after waiting in line and watching kid after kid fall off the sheep and walk away crying, Simon opted not to ride the sheep. We love this kid!

Mothers day I didn't even bother to get out my camera, but it was a great day. The kids woke me up with a picture of my new red kitchen aid (that daddy ordered 2 days before the big day, and somehow it hadn't gotten here yet...go figure). And then they both got dressed in their church clothes without me asking! That, my friends, is a mothers day miracle! We spent the day at Trav's parents house, eating, watching the kids play, and I even snuck in a nap. And then at my parents house where we ate more food, watched more kids play, and played a few games of our own.
I am so thankful for a day to celebrate the amazing mothers in my life.
I would write what I love about each of them, but just don't feel I have it in me to do them justice tonight.
That being said, I love them, and am always thankful for their examples, and always thankful to them for teaching me to love my children for who they are.
And I feel blessed every day to be a mother myself. Is there a more divine calling? Adyson and Sienna fill our lives with so much joy, and I am honored to be their mom. I think Mothers day is a great way to remind yourself how truly blessed you are.
I hope your weekend was lovely as well! 3 more days till another glorious weekend!


Eileen said...

I think you have a career in writing. Serious. I love to read your words. Words about your sweet life.

KIRSTEN said...

Happy Be-lated Mother's Day to you Hayley! Sounds like you had a great day. I must admit ... I am a little jealous of your future kitchen aide :)

Amy Johnson said...

I love the pic you got of Simon! :) Your yard looks beautiful! And you are an amazing mom! Happy M-day!

Trisha said...

I love project pictures! Your yard looks lovely!

The Wolfley Family said...

Man, I hate missing Health Days! The kids all look so cute and happy!
Ditto to what Eileen said.

camigodfrey said...
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camigodfrey said...

i love so sassy and cute your girls are! we're doing lunch on friday at the smithfield park at 12 if you can come. we need to catch up.